Netflix Coming to iPhone, Nintendo Wii?

IGN writes: "According to a report from, Netflix could be preparing to bring their streaming movie service to the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii. A source, identified as an "industry executive familiar with Netflix's plans," told MultiChannel that the Watch Instantly feature of the existing Netflix service would be coming to iPhones, Wiis, and the iPod touch series, however, no further details were given. "

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saint_john_paul_ii3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

well, obviously. no avatar support yet. this hasnt been built into Home yet.

this its not a big deal but it gives you an idea as to why i have to complain about home. these features should of been there in the first place. I've been in the beta since Home was unvieled back in 2007, yet the features that we all wanted the most are not available yet.

lociefer3396d ago

wow, activision r really bein d1cks about sony lately

PirateThom3396d ago

Unlike the 360 avatars and Miis, the Home avatars aren't designed to be used in games outside of Home, the ability to use it doesn't exist.

Cyrus3653396d ago

That should be the next logical step though.

PSN has a limited avatar that's unique on friends lists, instead they should atleast allow the option to allow Home Avatar, as the PSN dashboard Avatars.

And then let games use the dashboard Avatars in games suchs as this.

Ninji3396d ago

Who the hell would want to play with any avatar in an actual game? Seems stupid to me. Then again, why would you want to play Guitar Hero 5 at all? It's garbage. Not to mention if you do like these types of games then Rock Band is better.

saint_john_paul_ii3396d ago

because the avatar is the representation of you in the virtual world. I want to see my virtual self in the game.

chasegamez23396d ago

most of the song are in rock band

lloyd_sr13396d ago

So, you want goofy Nintendo wannabe avatars that kinda look like you as a representation in games? And, no. This is not the next big thing to happen in games.

Nothing lost here. Home still has it's Guitar Hero space.

Saaking3396d ago

OMG the Wii stole a 360 exclusive the world is blowing up!

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The story is too old to be commented.