Fat Princess update officially detailed

Fat Princess hit the PSN late last week and, as most online games seemingly come across, has had some connectivity issues. Titan Studios announced over the weekend that a patch would be forthcoming, and now it seems the patch has been completed and is in the process of being tested. The patch will fix:

* Failed Game Connections
* Lag
* Hosting Problems
* AoE Scoring Exploits
* Stalemates
* Missing Princess (on certain levels)
* Dead Hat Machines
* Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
* Ranking System Problems

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shadowfox3394d ago

Sounds good, the game is great already, with the patch, it's really gonna be great. For those having trouble, just try to join a game with a friend, that gets rid of like 90% of the connection issues.

JRaptor3394d ago

That ps3center site is wrong. Although they are the most important issues, only the connection issues and lag are addressed by the upcoming patch.

All those other things in that list are issues that they have noted from feedback and will address at some point in the future.

Jaces3394d ago

Nooo! Not the scoring exploits!!

Bnet3433394d ago

I just bought the game after reading the IGN Review. It's installing right now. Can't wait.

ThanatosDMC3394d ago

My computer detected a virus on the website. Visit at your own risk.

On topic, great game. Glad they'll patch it up.

aftrdark213394d ago

Fun game. Hopefully they will get the patch out soon.

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oneDMAC3394d ago

Another dev willing to support their product!!!!!

LordMarius3394d ago

I'll buy it once its completely fixed

Omegasyde3394d ago

Same here, No way in hell am I buying a game with game altering glitches/exploits/ and lag.

I learned that lesson after Socom: Confrontation.

gauntletpython3394d ago

You guys should really try the game. A lot of this hate was drum up by fanboys. It's no different than what Battlefield 1943 had, with broken servers and w/e.

tmt3453394d ago

Just create your own game instead of joining one, the only catch is you have to wait 1 minute. You can get used to the area and stuff while your waiting though because you don't just see a loading screen you see characters pop up on the map and you can move around and stuff while you wait. The update will be out by next week probably so its no big deal.

Marceles3394d ago

The game is really fun, but these were problems on the beta. I hope it really REALLY gets fixed because everytime I've tried to join it times out.

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Johnny Rotten3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

ummm I clicked on the page and Norton stopped a "HTTP Malicious Toolkit Download Activity"

shadowfox3394d ago

i was getting that too... i think their code must be messed up or something because i've never had any trouble with their site before.

Tribunal3394d ago

dude what the heck it was trying to install malware

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