1UP: Top 5 Enemies I Feel Sorry For

You're supposed to feel good when you overcome outrageous odds and swarms of bloodthirsty enemies. Funny, then, that sometimes you can't help feeling like just a little bit of a dick after putting down certain kinds of bad guys.

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Saaking3267d ago

How about the colossi in SotC

SnuggleBandit3267d ago

am i the only ones who felt bad about the helghast? Radec and visari were the sh#t!

AngelorD3267d ago

I felt sorry for the ship captain in God of War.
He survives a hydra attack only to be killed, then killed again in the underworld, and then again when he is revived as a ghost... poor guy...

devilhunterx3267d ago

he wasnt an enemy though. just a poor sucker for punishment

Perjoss3267d ago

i wonder how many times the first boss in Deadmines has been killed across all servers and in all countries since the end of beta :D

telesido3267d ago

the grunts of halo?

or.. any of the Johnny's from MGS?

DelbertGrady3267d ago

Any type of Slime found in JRPGs.

The-Director3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Visari from Killzone 2, coolest enemy ever.

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