The Most Innovative Gameplay Ideas This Generation

GameFlavor writes, "The one thing I have noticed is how competitive developers are becoming. They are investing more and more time in the development cycle. Seems like everyday there are announcements about changing development teams, changing directions, changing release dates, changing prices, changing content, etc. -- but hopefully this all happens for the good.

Developers are investing a lot into gameplay. This generation has seen tons of innovative gameplay ideas come out. The most revolutionary ones are listed below."

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Cwalat3419d ago

...comes from Media Molecule.

Max Power3419d ago

I was looking for them in this...perhaps an update is in order.

swingingape3419d ago

Media Molecule is a good one. I also love the stuff on Wii like Bloom Blox and Wii Sports Resort. Nintendo usually gets overlooked for this stuff since it's so mainstream nowadays, but hey it's the fact their control system was so innovative that made them the big hit that they are.

Headshot813419d ago

I would say it would be the presentation, and the fact that they capture a sense of realism into their controls. The game feels amazing when you're running towards the objective, it feels like you're actually running on rocks and not just floating 2ft above ground like the rest of the shooters. You're playing online and kill an opponent in front of you, but all of a sudden the screen starts to get blurry because someone is shooting @ you from the back. there's nothing like the feeling of pushing your gun against gravity as you struggle to make the 180 turn, only to score a headshot as you align your sights on the poor bastard! BOOOM!!!. Then scoring a headshot on the oposing squad member as he spawns with his teamates, and seeing them sh!t their pants because they know the'll be NEXT!. The way the mp matches switch game modes is [email protected] bad ass, you won't know what im talking about unless you've played it, because the adrenaline and momentum it creates makes you feel like an unstoppable killing machine. The Devs at GG are geniuses, they created an expirience for men who love playing the game of survival in a cold, dark, and gritty war! i'll see you pansies in the battlefield!!!

swingingape3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Oh and no more Guitar Heroes please

cyclindk3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

"you always feel that the game is always
rewarding you visually and mentally the further you progress through the
game by
offering you something you didn't expect"


"YOU ALWAYS feel that the game is ALWAYS rewarding YOU visually and mentally the further YOU progress through the game by offering YOU something YOU didn't expect"

DAMN, this comment won't update!!!! piece of crap site!!!

-MD-3419d ago

How about we get someone that owns more than just a PS3 to write one of these articles? Innovation? How about Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts? I couldn't put that game down for a week because it was completely fresh.

tinman_licks3419d ago

Nuts and Bolts is basically a construction set. Not exactly innovative gameplay. Interesting physics/engineering toolkit though

lh_swe3419d ago

The two games that offer something a little different on the horizon are Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction, and NO this is not bashing the 360's games coz I play ME, Left 4 Dead, Gears 2 etc. as much as I play KZ2, Infamous, Uncharted, MGS4 etc.

callahan093419d ago

@ Murder, don't expect to see 360 exclusives on a list created by a PS3 site.

mindedone3419d ago

not a list of innovation. By all means, I own all these games and love them, but what he mentions is not innovative at all.

desolationstorm3419d ago

Yeah if he had of said like gameplay moments, or really anything besides saying Innovative. I clicked the link thinking it might be interesting not caring that it was a ps3 only site and I didnt read one innovative idea.

Bnet3433419d ago

"Killzone 2 - The Amount happening at once"

Ummm .... what? Horrible list. Same thing for Street Fighter IV. None of these things are innovative.

Hoolock3419d ago

his reasons as to why these games were innovative are very poor. Plus the the ones he mentioned were hardly the most innvovative tings to appear this gen. Flower? LBP? Banjo? Garys mod?