How To Make The World War 2 FPS Relevant For Gamers?

With the phrase "done to death" being trotted out whenever the next World War 2 game is launched, Gameztraffic explores just how this history can be made more relevant for gamers. The article discusses playing as an axis troop and prisoner of war among other ideas which could benefit this genre of game.

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NegativeCreepWA3419d ago

There sure as hell isn't much more you can do, just move on.

They could always fall back on letting you play as Nazis during the invasion of France. Im sure that would go well with the press.

MysticStrummer3419d ago

any more than any other setting for a game. I just bought Call of Duty World at War and wish I had bought it sooner. I'm enjoying the single player and co-op aspects of WaW more than I enjoyed the single player mode of CoD4. The edge for competitive online mode probably goes to CoD4 though, only because the maps are smaller so there is more frequent action. I'm not a huge fan of competitive online FPS though, because they all seem the same to me. I feel like I've been playing the same game since Doom, with only graphical upgrades. WaW co-op is big time fun, and don't even get me started on killing Nazi zombies.