Highlights from the Uncharted Comic-Con Panel

Chris Morell writes:

"You probably heard about the Uncharted panel that took place on the Thursday of Comic-Con week - an hour of awesomeness with Naughty Dog and the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves cast, hosted by IGN's Greg Miller. Hopefully you followed along with our live tweets. Now, we've got about 15 minutes of video highlights from the panel, where you'll find tons of great information about the making of Uncharted 2, special secrets from the Dogs and the cast, and a dynamite Christopher Walken impression from Nolan North (Nathan Drake)."

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Cwalat3419d ago

Undoubtatelly the greatest voiceover cast in the gaming industry.

Where else will you find such down to earth and hilarious actors supporting this great IP-Becoming-Well-Loved-Franchi se.

Happy also to hear that the Uncharted movie is being given to serious directors/producers who aren't doing movies for quick bucks.. these guys make movies that they care about. Uncharted movie won't flop: CHECK!

Marcelles253419d ago

"Kitty Got Wet!"
thats epic right there

On Topic:
@above commpletely agree this game is gonna be amazing