Killer collector's edition box set for Assassin's Creed II revealed

Joystiq writes.... The official Assassin's Creed Twitter feed has revealed what will be discovered inside the sequel's collector's edition -- oddly enough, it's quite similar to what was found in the original's collector's edition (photo after the break). The set comes with the game, art book, statue of the latest protagonist and GameStop "exclusive" in-game maps. One map is the previously mentioned Palazzo Medici, while the other is the Santa Maria dei Frari in Venice.

We're not currently seeing a price attached to the set but, we're sure whatever it is, Ubi will make a killing in sales.

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OGharryjoysticks3423d ago

The first year/2 of this generation of consoles, there wasn't that many releases and even fewer "good" games in those releases. I'm not saying AC wasn't a decent game, but I do believe it benefitted from the gaming industry's lack of production. Now a bunch of games are being pushed to 2010 so AC2 will get another break, but I wasn't impressed with the first one so they won't get my money.

foxtheory3423d ago

I'd at least rent it. Ubi said they pretty much reconstructed the entire layout, making it more linear and hopefully killing the repetiveness. Now if you didn't like AC1 because of the concept or story, then go ahead and avoid it if that's not your cup of tea. But if you were turned off only because of the repetitivness, then look more into it, you may like it this time around. :)

Ellessdee3423d ago

correction, they are making it less linear. one huge problem with the original was it was an open world game with a very linear progression. this time its much more open ended, full of side quests and options, etc.

foxtheory3423d ago

Oh, really? Well I heard that they're putting a bigger emphasis on Ezio's life story and adding more character progression, so I figured they would go more linear because it's easier to advance a story that way. If you're right (I trust you, don't worry), I bet they'll make it more like sandboxes where there are side quests, and then there are story quests (inFamous is a recent example). Thanks for the info, helps a lot!! :D

capital1player3423d ago

wtf isthis the real ARTwork bcus on the cover of the game it says "playstation network" on the little tab! so does that mean its gonna HAVE ONLINE??????

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-Mezzo-3423d ago

I believe first one was a great game if we put the repetitive issue aside. Simply cannot wait to get my hands of this one.

Cwalat3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Agree, overall... it was a jawdropping game. The level of freedom and climbing was just awesome. Yeah it was repetetive, but it's not like games like COD, KZ2, HALO, POP, GTAIV aren't repetetive.

This game got alot of overhated criticism for being repetetive when no other game out there got that type of criticism even when they also deserved it.

Assassins Creed 2 will be nothing below awesome, and i'll buy either Black edition.. or this one.

cyclindk3423d ago

Doesn't come with a concealed wrist dagger, no dice..

SmokingMonkey3423d ago

I'm set to get some night vision goggles and a Batarang!

i'm not really going to buy those things.

alster233423d ago

in game maps and psn logo i have a feeling there some form of online in the like mirror's egdes time trial

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