Making use of Playstation 3 in education

A university in Bergen Norway are using 5 ps3 to match their expensive supercomputers.

The processors in the PS3 are equal and a lot cheaper than the supercomputers they own, and they will become more prevelant in education as the years go on.

A supercomputer can reach around 0.7 terraflops and the ps3 meets 0.2 terraflops, and with 5 ps3's the power stretches beyond that of one supercomputer, since it can make 1000 billion calculations in a second.

This ps3 unit can be used to calculate complex mathematical operations, such as is used in a lot of research programs.

The price of the PS3 is miniscule to what they pay for a supercomputer, and this is because Sony is able to make money at the software side, since it is a gaming console.

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Karebear4247d ago

Reading that source material through the automated translation engine is nearly impossible.

techie4247d ago

Yuh sorry. Norwegian is hard to translate with an engine. I did my best here I hope.

Vip3r4247d ago

Looks like this is far more than just a games console.

goahead4247d ago

Thanks:-) but is true. what you get for a 100000000£ computer. you can get for 3600£

techie4247d ago

Yuh thanks to goahead for the article :)

mr_steveo4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Whats the limitations in stopping Sony engineering a non gaming version of the ps3, that is made for commercial use using purely the Cell processor, with a normal dvd drive, no high end connections, purely for science use with its processing power... since this would easily once the gaming extras have been cut out the most financially viable supercomputer on the planet....purely down to the architecture that can easily link them to eachother in tandum? Im a 360 guy, but this could be used for a greater good.

What do you guys reckon?

techie4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Think it's best to look to IBM for that...they are implimenting the cell is a number of projects.

Apocalypse Shadow4247d ago

in the creation of the cell.the sole purpose was to sidestep somewhat moores law.if you can't make a fast processor,make a fast processor that has multiple processors that work together in parallel all on one chip.and have that same processor capable of working in parallel with other cell chips no matter what they are built in(ex:cell phones,computers,refrigerators ,tvs,etc).

from ps2 multichip design,to GS cube to ps3,they knew what they were doing.which is "beehive design".

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