What Convinces You to Buy a Game?

Baxy-Z take a look at what it takes for you to get "convinced" to buy a game. Baxy-Z take a look at everything from initial hype made from smaller developers right up to well established franchises and how publishers use big bucks to promote their games to convince you.

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OGharryjoysticks3396d ago

Years and years of gaming. I'm an addict. I would buy most of the games if I had enough money.

darthv723396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

If I can try before I buy then I can make my own judgement. I read what others think but still if I cant try it, it is a risk that you dont get your money back on. Most places wont take back games that have been opened even if it is within a couple of days with the receipt.

I have more 360 than ps3 games mostly because I like to dl the demos. Same goes for the dl games. I wish there were more trials on psn for games like flower and flow but alas...there aren't. I dont know if it is sony being picky about trialware or the devs not willing to make it. On the 360 there doesnt seem to be a shortage of demos for retail and xbla games.

Not knocking those who take the risk, more power to you. I am a picky gamer and only a few I picked up without trying first but only because they were genres that I like regardless (super stardust, raiden fighters, other shmups).

OhReginald3396d ago

1. Does it have any replay value?
2. Do i see myself in the future playing the game again?
3. Did it score at least a 7.5 on IGN?

-MD-3396d ago

I look at past games the developer has put out as a big part of my selection process. Companies like Rare, and Bioware I automatically know are gold so I buy their stuff without hesitation.

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