G4TV Interview: Lost Planet 2 Lets You Customize The Co-Op Experience

G4TV writes: "Capcom is really pushing the four-player co-op capabilities of Lost Planet 2, but it's not your only option. At Comic-Con last month, producer Jun Takeuchi and director Kenji Oguro told me about the amount of customization available for gamers, including the ability to disable co-op entirely."

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Cwalat3392d ago

If they improve the splitscreen in Lost Planet 2, (reffering to RE5's mini splitscreen stupid choice) then i will gladly by this game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3392d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game. I loved the first one!!!

kaveti66163392d ago

This game is looking great. I can't wait for Capcom to make the MT Frameworks 3.0 Engine. More Multithreading power for the 360 and PS3.

interrergator3392d ago

thats a good thing there using there own engine