360 Dashboard Update: Avatar Props/Other New Features Require Per-Game Title Updates

Come August 11th, you'll be able to plunk down real world cash for items that your 360 avatar can carry around with them. For example, a pirate-themed telescope from "The Secret of Monkey Island" or the above chicken from...somewhere. The idea is to set yourself apart from other players with this unique doodad.

Unfortunately at the time of the update you won't be seeing your carryables appearing in games, as games will need to release a title update before props (or any of the other new dashboard features) appear in-game.

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ActionBastard3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Remember when the 360 was too cool for Miis? When Home selling items was evil and ridiculous? When Home rewards were just stupid? Look what we have here...


Let the hypocrites disagree!

EDIT: It was around the time the 360 was too cool for movies (Hi Netflix!).

v1c1ous3394d ago

i think you're confused bro


Let him live in his own world he cant help himself. God forgive him!

JayX6663394d ago

Nintendo: Remember when Wii was a re-boxed gamecube with waggle controls? Remember when they introduced hundreds of shovelware games to appeal to tiny kids and grandmas alike? Remeber when they game the middle finger to their hardcore audience? Remeber when it was called revelution(sp?) but was to hyped to provide anything remotely revelutionary, but instead expanded on existing ideas?

Sony: Remember when vibrate controls were soo last gen? Remember the power of the cell?(this is slightly true but my point is this thing could apparently render billions of polygons at 1080p at 60 fps)Remeber the amazingly high priced launch which Sony stated people will still buy this product because it has more value for money? remember when Sony swaggered into this gen believeing they had it easy because of the last two generations, only to be slapped in the face by MS using a big bag of money and firm hand.

My point being, everyone F*cked up this gen at some point, so how about you jump whatever band wagon your chained too and provide some intelligence to N4G, instead of just generally setting up flame wars... mmmmmm k?

darthv723394d ago

For a guitar to be available. Maybe around the same time as GH5. To see my "slash" avatar on stage playing the same guitar I just bought from the props store would be kind of cool.

For now the lil RC warthog is cute but not cute enough to purchase.

ActionBastard3394d ago

You must be confused. "...provide some intelligence to N4G"? Look at what is posted, but that's besides the my point. It's the flip-flop gamer. It's the guy that called the Wii a repackaged GC, it's the ones saying rumble was last gen. That's the point. It's not brand loyalty, it's reality.

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KionicWarlord2223394d ago

So a extra update would be needed for old games.

I assumed so .

Baka-akaB3394d ago

again i can't stress enough the need for a option to disable all of that crap , but then again it most likely wont happen

The Meerkat3394d ago

We wouldn't be getting any of this if it wasn't for the rivalry between MS / Sony / Nintendo.

So a big thanks to all the PS3 buyers for making my 360 better.

DevastationEve3394d ago

But paying for XBL I'd still expect Microsoft to be earning their dollar, as they've been doing so far. This is why many Xbox Live subscribers are comfortable paying for Gold Member status. And it's not mandatory so Silver Members can still enjoy plenty of stuff for free.

I understand that having to pay sux, but when it fuels innovation like Xbox Live that doesn't fail to's worth it.

danthaman153394d ago

It's not even that much money...I mean $50? Psh, I'll ask for it every christmas, or I just won't go out to dinner one less night for the year.

jag_stilvecchio3394d ago

I won't be purchasing any items for my X360 avatar using MS Points or any other real world currency.

A better system would be to reward players with these nifty extras whenever achievements/trophies are earned. Similar to how certain games on the PS3 are rewarding items in Home.

Bnet3433394d ago

"A better system would be to reward players with these nifty extras whenever achievements/trophies are earned."

If you had the preview update, you would know there is something called avatar rewards where you get items for unlocking achievements.