Fujitsu's CELSIUS ULTRA gaming PC caught on video

It's not exactly the most exhaustive of hands-ons, but the video after the break appears to be one of the very first looks at Fujitsu's much-hyped CELSIUS ULTRA gaming PC which, as promised, made its debut at the big KnastLAN event in Germany this weekend.

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Dark_Vendetta3392d ago

Seems like it still can't be properly played (at least not with that PC). Just look at the massive popups and it seems like they were playing the game only on medium (probably because of the bad quality of the video), so not really impressive Fujitsu

Pandamobile3392d ago

I'm guessing it's just an i7 975 and two GTX 295s.

Congrats to Fujitsu?

Syronicus3392d ago

It's stuff like this that cracks me up since they will more than likely be charging an arm and a leg to the customers that purchase it. Heck you can build one with exact specs for half the money or even less.

I run two 275's (1170-AR) in SLI and run Crysis just fine. This beast they are selling better be something special if they really want to turn heads of those who build 'em up for fun.

TABSF3392d ago

wow Fujitsu, what a load of sh!t

Build your own or at least don't buy from these rip off companies

alienware, dell (same thing), PC world, acer or any other company that put components together with a custom case then justify a £2000+ price tag.

all garbage. build your own, its easy.

Xwow20083392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

i will not pay 2000$+ just 2 see Crysis at 120fps or more.
with 2000$ u can buy an xbox360+ps3 with a lot of great games 2 enjoy.

Syronicus3392d ago

You can build a gaming PC for less than 750 and upgrade a current rig for half that. Build one now and then two years later use your current case and PSU but buy a new board and CPU. It's not all that bad really.

Xwow20083392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

and a great pc with phenom 9950 X4 BE and ati4870 1GB, it run crysis very will.
but my point is: 2000$+ is too much just 2 see crysis in 120 fps.

Demonsdown3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I never minded paying what I consider a small premium to not have to put up with some of the bullshit that goes along with doing it your self.

TABSF3392d ago

sorry man but these companies should be closed down permanently

I have seen alienware and dell PC at £2000+
If I had £2000 is could build the same thing twice over, small premium, your basically paying them double to build it and package it.

Plus since I've switched to PC i have saved myself £3000+ in games.
e.g. I'm paying £20 for the best version not £50 for the worst version, plus all the perks with PC like mods, user created content, free DLC. more than just games, ultimate multi tasking, multi screen. silence hardware but amazing performance.

Syronicus3392d ago

You can order, build and load up a gaming rig in about 3 days using All that can be done for half the price and get done in less time than it would take for you to receive all the stuff from Dell when purchasing a full gaming rig off of Dell's web site.

It's scary to see people buying preassembled rigs for twice as much.

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