Uncharted 2 or GOW3, Which game will outsell the other?

Kratos undoubtedly has the upper hand if we compare the two hero's, But Drake has already left his footprint on the current generation of consoles so I guess its hard to judge who will really be the winner between them, but if you ask me....

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N4PS3G3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

God of War.. duh

If it wasn't for the bundles..Uncharted sales are not that impressive to begin with

in the other hand ..God of War sells like hot cakes

MGOelite3422d ago

sales was about 2.5mill for the first game, if it wasnt so short it would have been better than most of 360s current line up

Trollimite3422d ago

it doesnt matter! sells dont make good games! both games will kick major ass..

N4PS3G3422d ago


Uncharted sales are 2.5 according to VGchartz you should know better than those are estimates.

The game sold 117k when it was released on november and the sales were nothing too impressive.

The sales picked up with the bundles but thats about it. God of War is going to sell more. End of story.

Darkeyes3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Why give sales so much importance.... Both game will be absolute blasts and possibly GOTYs... Uncharted 2 by far looks the best game this year... GOW3 is looking better than ever, also with the series ending, one can expect an EPIC adventure.... Sales wise GOW3 will win mainly cause of it being having 2 sequels and cause UC2 will come around MW2.

What next.... Kratos vs Drake?


For anyone who misses any of the games... watch out... You don't want to piss off Kratos. Besides you don't deserve a PS3 if you miss any of the 2.

Boody-Bandit3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

of each at the store for me on release date I'm happy.
Both games are going to be amazing and are DAY 1 purchases.
Who cares about sales numbers?

iamtehpwn3422d ago

Which stupid ass person would only buy ONE of these games? Get both God of War III and Uncharted 2, or give your Ps3 to someone who can really use it.

G3TDOWN3422d ago

both games are PS3 exclusives

See now they try to make a fight between PS3 FANS ! comon PS3 fans, wake up, we don't care which sells more, both games are amazing

Knightrid8083422d ago

I have a friend who who would like to play GoW III once it comes out. He doesn't have a PS3 but he sure loves playing Uncharted whenever he plays my PS3 lol. I'm sure he'll love playing both games since they are looking really good to begin with.

Aclay3422d ago

I really don't care which game sells more, because I'm a fan of both God of War and Uncharted, both games are in my Top 5 Most Anticipated games and I'm getting both Day one.

Anyways, I think Uncharted 2 will sell a little more, simply because it has Multiplayer. The first Uncharted game has sold well already, but it would have sold even more if it had Multiplayer.

God of War 1 was the highest selling God of War game with sales at just a little over 3 million, so I see God of War 3 selling maybe 2.5-3 million, but I think Uncharted 2 will sell a little more in the end.

lloyd_sr13422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Uncharted wasn't bundled until a year after it was released, and it was only in NA . Don't see your logic. Are you saying that 2.5mil bought $499.99 PS3s for Uncharted? You also forget that Uncharted was a Greatest Hits in EU since last year. Which pushed it onto a lot of new consumers.

SevWolf3422d ago

Well, I can assure you one thing, I have around six friends who don't have a PS3, they have either a 360(which I also have) or a high end PC, and all of them are waiting for GOWIII to buy a PS3. But, personally, I don't give a rats ass how much they sell :D, as long as I will have a copy in my hand by the release date.

RememberThe3573422d ago

No one is say that VGchartz is exact (they don't even say so), but they are a good source to see, ruffly, how a game has sold. If vgchartz has the game at 2.5 million sold it's probably done better then that with the bundle.

But I do agree that God of War will probably sell more then Uncharted.

gambare3422d ago

"Uncharted 2 or GOW3, Which game will outsell the other?

It's hard to tell, but one thing is certain, I will buy both

Microsoft Xbox 3603422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


The majority of sales for Halo 3 were from bundles and disc replacements from scratching. Whats your point?

But to be on topic, only an idiot would buy one of these games. These two games are top notch quality. The only losers are the people that only have 360's.

Elimin83422d ago

What I will tell you however, is I will be contributing to the sales of them both.... Take that whoever wrote this article.

hazeblaze3422d ago

Actually you're badly mistaken regarding the numbers of the First Uncharted. It had actually sold 1M units already in just less than 2 months...

So Uncharted sold VERY well far before they started selling any bundles. At least check your facts before posting flame bait.

ABizzel13422d ago

While I think multiplayer and co-op will bring in more U2 buyers, I have to agree with everyone else God of War will sell more (unless U2 is bundled and GOW isn't). The bundle is what really helped Uncharted sell, and it's a good thing because I have yet to hear any real negative things about the first Uncharted besides length and U2 is suppose to be this huge adventure, and with multiplayer it's going to have some legs.

That being said God of War has consistently sold around the 3 million mark with no bundles, and IF Sony were smart they would bundle these games in with PS3's to sell more hardware.

na2ru13421d ago

They should sell just as much as each other since they are both looking to be equally amazing in quality and graphics.

It's either double or nothing otherwise it's just stupid. I'm buying both day 1.

Omegasyde3421d ago

"Uncharted 2 or GOW3, Which game will outsell the other?"

Gears of War 3, will outsell Uncharted 2.

*Reads summary* Oops, Made fanboy error!

BWS19823421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

blah blah blah, A game's only as good as it's sales, isn't that what the fantools say? Yadda yadda Metacritic this, sales that, forget the fact that "fun" never enters the conversation, that would be illogical.


I'm clamoring for both games, not because one will sell a lot, or one will rate high. You'd think fanboys would love math with all the obsession about numbers, but then you remember how dumb they are.

BkaY3421d ago

im buying both.... in other words i dont care....

both will keep me away from warhawk for some time...lolz


Syronicus3421d ago

How more this gen than any other, gamers are more concerned with game sales than with the content therein. It's pathetic folks. Simply pathetic. When I bought the first Mario, the first thought through my head had nothing to do with how well the game would sell but rather how well the game would play.

Wish the old days were back.

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MattyF3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Who cares which one outsells which. They'll both be great and we'll all enjoy them. God of War 3 may outsell Uncharted 2, but they are still two amazing PS3 games for us to enjoy. They'll each push over 2 million copies.

SIX3422d ago

I'll definately pick up both. This ones a no brainer. Both these games will sell enough to secure further sequels. That's all I care about.

HammockGames3422d ago

Buying both on day one. Both games are about as close as you can get to "can't lose". For gamers on a budget, if you can only afford to buy one, you simply can't make the wrong choice - that's a beautiful problem to have.

Games like this pretty much define their generation and as such are worth every penny.

GarandShooter3422d ago

I'll be buying both day one.

Ssxtreme363421d ago

^but i think the only losers will be the people who do own a ps3 but are not going to pick up both of these games.

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Omegasyde3421d ago

Seriosly, the games aren't even releasing in the same month.


Nitrowolf23422d ago

ofcouse because there are more people who know of the god of war series then there are for uncharted.
God of war will push allot of ps2 owner to go and buy a ps3 for just it.

but really who cares? i don't because i will buy them both

MGOelite3422d ago

god of war without a doubt, uncharted 2 release is very close to MW2 which will probably take a few sales of uncharted 2.