Why King of Fighters XII is a Major Disappointment

Split-Screen: "There are only 22 playable characters. It's a tragedy, this being a series that prides itself on easily having thrice that number in it's rosters. Any one even remotely familiar with King of Fighters, Fatal Fury or the masterful Mark of the Wolves will be miffed at the exclusions. No Geese, Rock Howard, Mai Shiranui, King, Yuri, K' or Rugal to be found here. It gets worse. Terry Bogard? His Power Dunk? And the show-stopping Buster Wolf? Gone. Sacrilege."

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GWAVE3394d ago

Hey. Be grateful for 22 characters. Blaz Blue had like...what...10?

gamesR4fun3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

"A game neither new-school nor old-school players will love, with less content than previous versions at a high price of $60 (USD). Find yourself a nice emulator and settle back down with Garou rather than investing in this mess".

true nough this games jus a quick buck n ya you'll see more characters as dlc prob sooner than later... (same 4 blaze blue)

Nike3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

It's a big deal because they had many, many more characters and modes in previous versions. Also, the move sets have been reduced beyond that even seen in the Capcom vs. SNK series. And BlazBlue has a much more in-depth fighting system than this.

Though yes, I agree that the reason for both games having lesser characters will be to promote future DLC, more so in case of BlazBlue. If SNK were this lazy with the initial game, I'd doubt they'd be interested in anything beyond an online play patch.

Sangria3394d ago

But is it that much disappointing if we don't know anything about the series?
(don't agree or disagree, it's not an opinion but a question)

Nike3394d ago

Maybe not. However, even if you look at from a purely newcomer's point of view, KoF XII offers much less in terms of gameplay and quality than it's peers. It only hurts that much more if you've played an preceding games in the series. Even an offshoot like Garou didn't have that many characters, but the fighting system was so rich and in-depth and each character had their own individual style and detailed move sets. In KoF XII, they actually reduce the number of moves. Garou is more than a decade old; KoF XII is a 2009 title. You just expect more, when paying that much. :|

rukia_chan3394d ago

fu*ker for the haters this game is amazing, terry bogard for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shendow3394d ago

I'll rent it, KOF is only fun when you have a huge list of fighters to choose from and it makes online play less boring.