The Biggest Blunders of This Generation's Consoles

This generation of consoles has had its ups and downs, but what was the biggest failure of each?

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meepmoopmeep3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

gaming is TEH FAIL!

mastiffchild3392d ago

We gamers have made the worst blunders this gen by being so bloody daft and sectarian over things that the console manufacturers and publishers have been able to get away with shafting us over and over.

Had we stuck together would people have let things like RROD, Sony's arrogance, numerous DLC cons, ACTIVISION in general, Nintendo not giving a crap about those wh carried them lst gen, MS and Sony nuckel and diming for Home and Avatar clothes had we not shoutd each other down this gen?

I doubt it and the fact we can't support each othe really gets on my moobs! We're starting to deserve all the sh1 t we get. For example everyone should be supporting UK gamers in the hope that they won't let Activision get away with the MW2 hike in the UK as if they do it'ss be all of you next time. But we won't and so the majority of UK games won't get the point and we'll all get bent over next time Acti feel they hjave a decent game.

umair_s513392d ago

There aren't necessary blunders more like trade offs of key decisions made by these firms. If Microsoft hadn't launched earlier it wouldn't have a bigger installed based to interest 3rd party. Sony on the other hand was running a marathon, it needed to built a machine power enough to last 10 years.

Henry Cain3392d ago

I wouldn't change a thing about the PS3. In all honesty the PS3 was at 21 million in 2.5 years, while the 360 was only at 19 million in 2.5 years. The PS3 is selling faster at a higher price. M$ had the biggest blunder with RROD.

CypHisBacK3392d ago

that problem is about to be solve soon, and soon the ps3 will be perfect