PS3 price reaches new low

Online retailer drops console to £359.99 in weekend promotion became the latest online retailer to price-promote the PS3 at the weekend – slashing the Sony console by £65.

The UK retailer offered the PS3 for £359.99 for a limited period, running the promotion from Friday evening until midnight yesterday (Sunday 29th).

The deal was advertised to newsletter subscribers on Friday.

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Torch4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )


I was over at EB games on Saturday and noticed that they've got what looks like a pretty sweet promotion happening:

Trade in any ten used games, and get a brand new PS3 for CN$399 (that's CN$300 off the retail price, or a trade in value of CN$30 for each submitted game!!!)

I'm unable to specify the restriction (if any) of game titles accepted for trade in; all I noticed was that your submitted games must be in fair shape, complete with original box and owner's manual. Also unbeknownst to me is the promotion's end date.

So there you have it: If you've got ten old XBox or PS2 games lying around for which you no longer have any use, here's your chance to nab that long-yearned-for PS3 at just over half-price!!!

According to the clerk, this promo applies to XBox 360 as well, although, I'm unaware of its final sale price.

(OK, now that I've accomplished my 'Deed of the Day', I best once again step AWAY from the computer if I want to get anything else done!)

I managed to find EB's online flyer detailing the aforementioned promotion. It sounds like it's in effect April 27th, to May 31st, and while supplies last (whatever that means.) In addition, it sounds like games from across all current/last consoles/handhelds are eligible for trade-in.

OK, NOW I'm gonna step away from the computer. No, really...Ummm, ok, very very soon, then.

gta_cb4249d ago

you know if there doing anything like this in the UK? as i DEFF have more then 10 games just lying around for last gen consoles and would like to have a PS3 if i could get one cheap :P

techie4249d ago

I think the price has officially reduced to £399...since has it listed as that, without the "reduced from"... :P

mr_steveo4249d ago

Surely this pi**es off people that pay the full price... when theres these people that wait and get 65quid off... fair amount of money too reli... get a nice game and a HDMI cable with that saving.

BIadestarX4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

It's obvious that this is not an official price drop from Sony, and this is a vendor price drop. The question is how much money they are making (Are they selling it at the price they are buying it from Sony?), if the PS3 is selling like hot cakes as Sony fanboys are always saying, Why would they reduce the price of a console that's selling like hot cakes?

Edit, "Please find a sony fan that has said that anywhere?" So, you are admitting that the PS3 is not selling well? And the the 360 and the is destroying it?

techie4249d ago

"if the PS3 is selling like hot cakes as Sony fanboys are always saying,"

Please find a sony fan that has said that anywhere?

THIS isn't an official price drop, I believe that it may have officially reduced to £399. We all know it's too expensive dude, and that's the reason why it isn't a price drop is a good thing.

I expect they are buying the ps3 for about £300. There is a huge markup in the UK, that's one reason why the ps3 was priced so much in the first place.

In addition, did you know that Halo 3 has already had a price drop by £10....not even out yet. Over here we drop the price of everything at online retailers before things even come out, it's the way things are done over here.

Still ps3 needs a drop to about this accross the board IMO

sumfood4u4249d ago


SmokeyMcBear4248d ago

half of those people waiting on launch day are the jackasses that put up the system on ebay. They get no love.

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