Patch in development to fix recent CoD4 exploits

Fourzerotwo writes on his Twitter account:

"Success! A patch is in the works for PS3 and Xbox 360 to address the recent COD4 exploits. I'll keep you posted on the progress."

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crillyconlig3395d ago

cant play the game at the mo because of the hackers

Gamertags3395d ago

The hackers have pretty much messed up the PS3 version of this game. I don't know about the 360 version though. I am sure there is some hacking but not like what they are doing on the PS3.

All the weapons, clipping (go through walls), flying and all sorts of stuff. Every time you load up the game everyone flies away.

Captain Tuttle3395d ago

I've completely stopped playing this game because of the cheating issues.

cyberwaffles3395d ago

i swear you're so full of sh1t. i really think you work for microsoft or you're just joking around.

Gamertags3395d ago

What is your deal? If you can hack the 360 version of COD4 and do what you do on the PS3, let me know.

On the PS3 version, you can take a USB drive and copy files that are saved on the HDD, edit them on the PC and paste back into the system. All weapons, flying through walls and etc.

You need to grow up. I'm not making things up or speaking anything that isn't true. Do a search on youtube to learn how to do it.

cyberwaffles3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

i never said hacking isn't prominent on the ps3, but you act like the 360 has a considerably lower amount of people hacking when it's about the same. modding systems, modding controls (remember the autofire G3?), and i've seen alot of exploits on the 360 that are very similar to the ones on ps3. and even if the glitches/hacks aren't the same, there are still a lot of cheaters on xbl ruining the game for other people as well. i will say that i have never met any hackers on the ps3 or 360, but i know they exist on both sides.

as for growing up, all i ever see you do is giving two thumbs up for everthing microsoft related but trash anything about the ps3. i honestly think you sort of liking killzone 2 is a ploy but whatever. all i know is you like microsoft a little too much but you're telling me to grow up.

EDIT: before you go into a bullshit tantrum, let me just post evidence that the 360 hacks more/less the same as the ps3.

this video shows that 360 hackers are able to increase weapon fire rates, increase hip fire accuracy, clan tag mod, godmode, infinite and ammo.
i didn't know bolt actions or even semi automatic sniper rifles were capable of shooting that fast!

this video showed a lot of hacks that were done on XBL before a patch fixed them. they still existed though and some of them still work. these include all weapons, no clip, hidden weapon, increased juggernaut health, double tap perk fortified, infinite ammo and no reload, radar always on, any weapon in last stand, laser sights, drop a missile in martyrdom, slow motion, and then super speed.

some tutorials on how to hack the 360

i could go on, but i think you get the point. anyways, make sure you do some research before you talk because you sound like a delusional idiot when you speak.

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ChozenWoan3395d ago

so the game has been out since forever with the second one just weeks away and now they want to patch it. Too late for me as I've moved on to KZ2 and Confrontation. Now I'm just waiting for MAG so I can spend the rest of my days commanding the SDF... At least until KZ3.

gamesR4fun3395d ago

this is just them trying to save what face they have left b4 mw2 hits...

Mindboggle3395d ago

Yh i was playing killzone 2, then it got mega boring and now im back on COD..

HeadShot3395d ago

I'm with mindboggle on this one. Now if they can only support rumble and trophies.

IdleLeeSiuLung3395d ago

I'm with mindboggle as well. KZ2 was underwhelming, but I did love the sniper feature using the six axis.

Even the almighty Halo doesn't get as much playtime as CoD4. Looking forward to MW2!

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Saaking3395d ago

Fuk activision, at least they're fixing it even though they gave the worst support to COD4

taco_tom2373395d ago

WOOT!!!!!!! i hope all the hackers get banned

neid3395d ago

I hate the Overgrown map the most.
I'm glad they fixed it, but like most a little bit too late.

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