The Portable Gamer Review: Volcano Planet for iPhone

TPG writes: "The basic premise here is that you control a planet littered with volcanoes (hence "Volcano Planet) that is inhabited by an alien race named the 'Xediots', which I think means they are stupid. Apparently developers JellyBiscuits are using this app to hold a mirror up to us: this race have destroyed their planet with sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gas (helium didn't sound scary enough and no one is trying to escape nitrous oxide) and it is up to you to buy enough time for them to escape the dying planet and thus save them. "

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bgrundman3394d ago

what the hell is this supposed to be?

wondroushippo3394d ago

Some kind of global warming allegory where you tap enemies to defeat them, it seems. Weird stuff, but at least there's an outlet for it

CrAppleton3394d ago

Wonderful, a game funded by Al Gore

CrAppleton3394d ago

Is this supposed to be like a science game?

roblef3394d ago

well, is that a bad thing?

-Mezzo-3394d ago

Science game, what the world is coming too.