Industry Insights: Success Stories in the Micro-transaction Business

IndustryGamers writes:

"The micro-transaction model is a proven and reliable business model for online gaming, virtual worlds, social networks and other virtual environments. Stemming from Asia, the use of micro-transactions is beginning to flourish in Western markets; over half of all MMOGs launched in Western markets use a micro-transaction model and these revenues are increasing at a faster rate than subscriptions, according to Nick Gibson at

Shanda is a virtual environment provider who switched from a pay-for-time model in 2006 to free-to-play supported by micro-transactions. At the India Gaming Summit 2007, Desmond Lu from Shanda said that the change in business model had escalated the traction to the site several times over.

The following are a list of some of the success stories that are testament to the strength of the micro-transaction model."

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