Amazon UK Offering GT5 Pre-order for £17

Amazon UK has started offering the PS3 exclusive GT5 for pre-order at a very low price, just £17.59.

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snow4life2997d ago

Avast told me to abort connection to this link...

LordMarius2997d ago

must be the work of Turn 10, trying to slow down sales

-x.Red.x-2997d ago

same here
fu*king turn 10...


falcon2996d ago

Norton firewall detected an intrusion attempt.
Risk name: HTTP malicious toolkit download activity
don't trust this site

Greywulf2997d ago

So says norton & kaspersky.

gaffyh2997d ago

Guys don't worry, it is a false positive (the virus). The webmaster is working on it, but it is intermittent, comes up sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.

Carl14122997d ago

They definitely won't honour the preorder.

But meh *preorders anyway*

mjolliffe2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Just Pre-Ordered it - Not sure about a trojan, but it'll work out (:

Raf1k12997d ago

Same here.

Amazon shows Modern Warfare 2s standard price as being £39.99 on PC. It's not as bad as £54.99 for the console versions but still £10 more than I'd normally expect to pay for it.

WeaseL2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

virus link
Go direct to Amazon

PirateThom2997d ago

Just go to

I doubt they'll honour it, but, the worst happens, they cancel the order.

callahan092997d ago

It even says "pre-order price guarantee" right under the price. Just screen-grab the page and save it and if they send you an e-mail cancelling the order or changing the price, bring it up as a dispute and you should easily be able to retain your order for that price. This is a steal!

Carl14122997d ago

Except that never works. They often muck up on prices and just cancel your order

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The story is too old to be commented.