A Digitally Uncertain Future

GrE writes, "Digital distribution, at least from personal experience, is a double-edged sword. While it's certainly convenient to just buy games on demand from the comfort of your own home, cutting out a trip to a local retail store, there are still many of things about this new medium of buying games that should make consumers nervous. Is it worth the immediate gratification when faced with hurdles like bandwidth caps, constantly dwindling hard drive space, and the loss of resale? I'm not convinced; in fact, I'm rather nervous about the future of the industry in this regard."

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wondroushippo3392d ago

There are some very valid concerns here... Downloads may be the future, but we should be careful.

roblef3392d ago

I totally agree. Careful, but not overly anxious.

Neco5123392d ago

I think that as long as we can move our games to other devices that this should all be a non-issue.

RememberThe3573392d ago

I want physical media. Period. DD are great for smaller games but full priced large games I want on a disk or some other physical format.

silvacrest3392d ago

resale is probably the reason digital distribution will never take over physical media although they could co-exist, not to mention all the other problems this article brought up

Dread3392d ago

my concern it what happens in ten years?

what if xbox live and/or psn cease to exist? what happens to your downloads. Is there a guarantee that the games you paid for but deleted to make more room will always be there to download again in the future?

i dont know but i like the security of having the hard copy.

I know that you can break or scratch a disk but at least i know it exists and i know that i take great care of all my games.

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roblef3392d ago

I think each of these issues is different, depending on the service or platform chosen. However, I do think that the DRM issue is probably the worst issue of all -- how do we guarantee access to these games in 10 years? 15? 25?

CrAppleton3392d ago

You are exactly right. Will we still be able to access the content that we bought today, five years from now?

supercharger51503392d ago

So, the environmental me really like all digital because it cuts down on trash and actual objects needing to be manufactured and distributed. But the gamer me is also kind of hung up on resale...
Do we think there is a way to ever resale digital copies?

Neco5123392d ago

There isn't a way to resell it, that is why publishers are so supportive of it as a platform.

supercharger51503392d ago

As of now... I'm saying if gamers pushed for a way to do so, would it happen? If not, then I guess that nothing will go fully digital.

kissmeimgreek3392d ago

i guess you could always transfer the game on a memory carda nd sell it on amazon or something... but who knows if future memory cards wold even hold something like that...

bgrundman3392d ago

That only depends on if the DRM cooperates with that kind of sharing. I know that XBLA wouldn't play nice if you were to try that.

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-Mezzo-3392d ago

Digital downloads have no future, well that my believe.

Stately Gentleman3392d ago

I don't download my music for my gramophone and I won't download video games

bgrundman3392d ago

very nice good sir, I prefer to by my records as well :P

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