Times: Ashes Cricket 2009 Review

Times writes: "The essence of a notoriously complex sport has been captured well here, and online play adds extra meat. The Ashes atmosphere is beefed up further by commentary from legends such as Ian Botham and Shane Warne. The main gripe is the depiction of the players - you'd struggle to pick out Andrew Flintoff in an identity parade. Squint hard, though, and you'll be gratified to discover that the crocked Kevin Pietersen is still playing the game".

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-Mezzo-3393d ago

What 4/5 thats like 9/10, it's too good to be true for a cricket game.

HBK6193392d ago

More like 8/10. Maths not your strong point? ;)

4x2=8 5x2=10 therefore 8/10. :D

Still a good score for a cricket game.