Touch KO - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: I'm not a boxing aficionado, I don't even harbor romantic ideas of a glam Vegas fight night, but I'll be darned if donning lucky gloves and punching some guy in the face 'til he's napping on the mat doesn't make me go "ooh". Chillingo's Touch KO developed by the Brothers Mechtley brings boxing in grand style to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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PS360WII3395d ago

"Regardless, these replays aren't particularly exciting, so I mostly used them to take in my surroundings or eat a cookie."

You must have had a lot of cookies then ;) 3 times each bout and at least 30 some to get to the end.... oh but did you find the +5 power gloves that happen to be free? (glitch me things ^.-)

I agree it is a solid boxing game even if there is no moving or body shots :( I like the idea of having mini-games for your stat increase. Hopefully an update would do some of this

Cat3395d ago

I'm a big supporter of the local Girl Scouts?

"oh but did you find the +5 power gloves that happen to be free? (glitch me things ^.-)"

No!! Must have!

PS360WII3395d ago

haha true you can never have to many cookies. I would have the TV on while doing some matches and during the replays I'd watch TV then look down to see my guy getting beat up lol.

Yeah you can get those gloves before your first match even :)

Cat3395d ago

I totally missed that - I must've still been reeling from the cost of my beautiful lucky strikes?

meepmoopmeep3395d ago

the controls sound cool.

but i'm not really into boxing games

Cat3395d ago

Yeah, I'm not really like "woooo, boxing!", so I was surprised by how into it I got. Still, you share a lot of games with your family, right? Can't imagine all the Ms. Meeps being really glad this hit their respective iDevices.