Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition sold out for the Xbox 360?

HMV have pulled MW2 Prestige Edition from their site on the Xbox 360. The site now simply states that it is "Unavailable". PS3 fans however can still get it there as it's still for sale. Some time ago, it was reported that it was unavailable but it seems this was just to update the price as originally it was £149.99 on the site and it was readded as £119.99, the difference this time being that only the Xbox 360 version has been pulled rather than both.

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Omega42938d ago

MW2 is going to be MASSIVE for the 360, it could easily act as a system seller as well without even needing to be exclusive

N4PS3G2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

He's delusional why?

Because MW2 could be a system seller on 360?

-The game gets timed exclusive content on 360
-Xbox live is big deal for people who play big online multiplayers like MW2.
-Modern Warfare 1 sales one the 360 were higher and Infinity Ward said the online use on xbox live was a lot higher as well.
-Microsoft will probably advertise it like a big exclusive just like their past multiplatform games.Unlike sony
-You can get the game and a xbox 360 for $260 compared to the PS3 for $460.

Just look at last month NPD. Xbox 360 sales increased with crappy multiplatform game like Prototype charting #1 compared to the PS3 version. You need to understand that a well promoted multiplatform game could help a specific console more than the other ;)

COD4 has 11m Live, 4m PSN players

randomwiz2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

That's assuming the consumer has friends with 360's, or just wants to buy a cheap console just to play this game.

It could easily act as a system seller for the ps3 also. If you have 10 friends that have ps3's, are you going to buy 360 or a ps3?

I'm a COD fanatic, but I don't get why people would buy the prestige version, way too expensive imo...maybe the night vision goggles are what are selling the prestige version?

Menchi2938d ago

I don't see it.

The vast majority of people interested in MW2 are people who already own a HD system. They are also people who already bought MW1 and WaW.

I simply don't see this bringing an influx of new fans, so no real "System Seller" vibe for either platform.

Especially considering the price hike, and the fact the game really isn't any different has put off potential buyers [Myself included]

Jaces2938d ago

Well we know now which gamers prefer to save their money rather than lick Activisions cornhole.

lol, i kid! i kid!

StanLee2938d ago

Who's really surprised by this?

cRaZyLeGs 932938d ago

Why don't they just buy the ps3 one and sell the game separately?

LordMarius2938d ago

Yep, I aint surprise
the 360 is mostly known as only having shooters, so its no surprise THIS shooter would sell out

IdleLeeSiuLung2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game and will enjoy it on the 360. You haters, can get it on the PS3!

Sold out of the Prestige Edition like 3 months in advance? Seems like they either had a very small allocation or those brits do have a lot of cash!!!

OmarJA2938d ago

Sounds to me that you are trying to spin the fact that the 360 doesn't have any decent exclusive this year.

Mindboggle2938d ago

I find it quite pathetic how 360 owners wont pay £280 for a PS3 but theyll pay £160 for a pair of night vision goggles.

bnaked2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

nah, i think the people are way too hyped.. they must be crazy..

They buy it because of this f*cking Night Vision Device.. Its a totally cheap one, not worth the money! Damn. If you want such a thing, you should buy a mediocre one for 600$..

leila012938d ago

Not as pathetic as PS3 owners that can afford a $400 console, but can't afford $30 a year for XBLIVE.

Boody-Bandit2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I bet a lot of those people are resellers / scalpers.
eBay and other online auctions are a big draw for people to preorder limited edition items. That is where the real insanity comes from. Depending on the demand most limited items get no less than double the money for people that purchase them just to turn a quick profit.

When Street Fighter IV TE sticks launched they were topping the $400 mark online for a long time. I saw one go off for $543! <- $149 dollar stick. Check online auctions around the time this MW2 is released and see if they aren't over flooded with prestige editions for sale.

No limited or special editions for me. I just pick up the standard version of the game and I never preorder. Too many retail stores around my home to be bothered with preordering. I will walk into BB release day and pick up a couple copies.

BrokenAnarchy2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

PS3 owners can afford $30 for XBL, they just don't want to.

If you could play online for free, why would you want to pay $30 for the same experience?

Gamertags2938d ago

not just on the 360 but the PS3 as well.

You have to keep in mind, that more 360 have been sold and are being sold at any given moment. When you factor in the LIVE and the cost of the system, you are getting a win win.

When you figure that you can buy a 360 for $150, MW for $60 and finally, either pay for live or go for a free trial...That is something Sony can not even come close too.

Speaking of Networks, if anyone has played COD4 for the PS3 and for the 360 they would know that the 360 version was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better.

It only makes sense people

cmrbe2938d ago

To see some x360 fans treat a multi-plat as an exclusive.

Gamertags2938d ago

In a way, the 360 multiplatforms are exclusives. Not only because MS usually secures DLC but because the 360 version is so much better you can say, that it was only released on the 360!

SUP3R2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It definitely isn't the same experience.
The only core similarity between the two is online multiplayer.
As far as interactivity goes they are completely different.

SaberEdge2938d ago

Xbox Live is a lot better than PSN. Anybody that has extensively used both services knows this to be true. However, PSN is enough for some people and at least it is free.

Gamertags2938d ago

Is right, anyone that has used Live knows how much better it is than PSN. Those who are happy with free and lacking features, polish, content and so will be happy with PSN.

That is how people are. Some want only the best (LIVE) and others are happy with 'scrapping by(PSN).'

Jaces2938d ago

Yes, because there are so many better things on Live that I can't do on PSN.


What do you guys pay for exactly? I forgot, was it the fact that you can twitter on your 360? ZOMG! That's so cool.

PSN has the same features and yet we pay nothing. Tell me you pay for something worth your money, please, it's killing me.

Let me guess, it must be the cross chat...right? Or the netflix access...which we can use freely on the PS3 web browser anyway.

You guys bring a smile to my face each time I read your comments, your a real comedian man.

Hate on! ;D

Gamertags2938d ago

Buddy you can act like Live isn't as good as it really is. If that makes you feel better brother. I own both systems and you know what, I can speak from experience unlike you, who is defending their purchase,

Nuff Said!

BrokenAnarchy2938d ago

I have both too plus I have been using XBL longer than PSN, and I feel they are the exact same with very few differences.

The only thing that I would want for the PS3 is cross-party chat, but even so it is not a must needed feature. Another thing to remember is that XBL has been since the Xbox, while PSN started with the PS3, in that short time they are very close to XBL.

It seems that you are the one that is trying to justify your purchase.

Jaces2938d ago

You didn't answer my questions.

AAACE52938d ago

I know people who went out and bought 360's and Ps3's just to get CoD: World at War! So to think that CoD: MW 2 won't move a few units is pretty delusional.

You may not respect the game enough, but there will be some who see it as justification to move into the next gen.

Marquis_de_Sade2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

OmarJA, 360 owners have Halo 3:ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, Forza 3, Shadow Complex and Alan Wake coming, I'm sure they will have a lot to play, and despite what a lot of PS3 owners claim, I reckon a good number of them will be sat playing this game for days when it hits.

Hobadoon2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

offer completely different experiences. If you don't own and play on both then it's pointless to even waste your time explaining it to folks. Those who say otherwise, I don't see as having a good "friends" experience on LIVE. I have a pretty large group of friends on both PSN and LIVE and GOD is it just so much more of a breeze communicating/room finding/game switching/messaging/partying up/ect on LIVE. Yeah PSN is nice for what it is but the interactivity that LIVE offers between users is much more streamlined.

Jaces, stop whining because a sh!t ton of people are still willing to pay for a paid service before a free service. You all sound like jealous little kids "Wah, stop spending your money on the people I don't like wahhh".


Horny2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Since you guys are fighting about which is better Ill put a word in.
I use both and yes Live is slightly better. It is not worth the extra 50$ a year though. Live makes it easier to communicate and play with friends. It is easier to start parties and invite ppl to your game.
PS3 on the other hand has a web browser which makes up for it if you dont have a pc or if you want to watch porn on a big screen without having to hook your computer up.
They are both good services and in the end all that matters is that you can play online.

Now to call of duty. Ill get this on the 360 because I simply dont want to pay a dime for it, thats the only reason.
I used to play COD4 on the PS3 and now started playing on the 360.
While the 360s Live features help it out when you want to invite friends and all that I thought the PS3 version played better. I have both systems hooked up with an HDMI cable and the PS3 version actually looked slightly better on my tv (Sony Bravia). The biggest difference is the controllers. I like playing with the Sensitivity very high and PS3 controller seems more precise and has less of a dead zone. Ive also experienced more lag on the 360.

All-32937d ago

Actually... in order to get a similar experience... PS3 owners would also have to subscribe to Qore at $25 bucks per year.

So Xbox 360 owners are only paying $5.00 per year to play online games + $25.00 bucks for a similar Qore-like feature on Xbox Live for their gold membership - which totals $30.00 dollars. The $30 dollar price has been offered at times on many big sites such as

Horny2937d ago

^ I was gonna say were do ppl keep getting 30$ from.
Pretty much everywhere you go its 50$, just cuz they have sales once in a while u cant just say its 30$.

Hobadoon2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

LIVE is great for friends/games and PS3 is great for... porn?

Not the strongest selling point, man. Not to mention, you didn't even compare LIVE to PSN. You compared it to a web browser.

LIVE is worth it to the people that buy it and enjoy it. Most who think it's not worth it, usually stop playing on it. Otherwise, I don't see the intelligence in continually purchasing something you don't think is worth the money. I think it's worth it. I pay for LIVE. Millions of others do as well. Please cry about it some more like it's hurting you all. (Not directed at you Deee187)

Horny2937d ago

^porn thing was just a joke lol, I was just saying its a nice feature to have a browser.

I think MS should have online play for basic silver membership, and all that extra can be the gold membership for ppl who want those features. I do online gaming on both systems, and personally dont use all those extra features thats why Im feeling like im gettin ripped off for having to pay 50 just play online.