Own a Piece of Halo 3 History

How would you like to own a piece of Halo 3 History while supporting the "Make a Wish" Foundation?

Bungie and Xbox Australia have teamed up for Charity to offer to rare piece of artwork any Halo fan would love to have in their collection.

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Hayabusa 1174243d ago

FUK the autographs, I want an XBox the swish promo pic on the side!

nix4243d ago

i know none of the 360 guys will be doing things like [email protected] so atleast for charity's sake buy these collections. it's all for humanity, dude.

and go put a soap in your mouth.. don't use the four-letter-word when we are talking about charity... where are your manners? this ain't xbox live, you know? q:

Silver Bull3t4243d ago

Why not donate some of the mucho coin they're raping customers for the LEGENDARY edition?

LSDARBY4243d ago

Is it the ELITE 360, if not then its a bit lame.

Vip3r4243d ago

Off topic but funny meeting you here m8. ;)