The Dos & Dont's of: Metal Gear Online

ResumePlay's Jack Patton writes: "Metal Gear Online is far from the most followed online shooter, in fact it has only reached one million individual accounts, and is basically a cult following. The main reason would be the frustrating and confusing register method of having to sign up for a KONAMI account prior to actually playing, unlike most games that simply use your PSN/XBL. It is basically this problem alone that hampers the number of people who play MGO. In the beginning, everyone began on a level playing field. Everyone was subject to lag, unsure about controls, was fresh to the game. However as the months would pass the men where separated from the boys and the game today is very much a two-tiered experience, so much so that KONAMI has created an exclusive tournament for it's better players. So in this battlefield, when in every game lurks a pro who would be able to kill you & your entire team a dozen times over without effort, there are some golden rules you should always follow. As well as idiot mistakes you must be avoiding."

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Baross20253392d ago

I really need to play Metal Gear Online sometime

himdeel3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

...but getting into a match with experienced players as a n00b sucks big time. Also the wait time to get into a match can be dreadfully long at times.

Otherwise I enjoy my time in MGO when I get the chance to play a few matches undisturbed by my wife or child. If you can join an active clan with friends it makes the game much more enjoyable when you can have people show you the ropes a bit.

EDIT: Also not having the additional content means you cannot join as many game types which can limit your play.

brandynevils3392d ago

Jack- this is very well written, and I like the structure... so I went ahead and submitted it. Well done sir, and good tips too!

Bagogames3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

They actually apply to most online game, and are sorta common sense, but it seems the don'ts listed here happen more on MGO than any other game I played.

Yeah the skill list thing is a real bugger :(

mau643392d ago

I couldn't hardly get into the Metal Gear Online... but I only tried it days after the release, which is a still a bit wacky.