Release of the Week: Hearts of Iron III

GrE writes, "Let me once again emphasize that this is a game that is only for HARDCORE strategy fans. If you don't enjoy statistics, pie charts and intense number crunching, then this game may just give you a headache. Playing as virtually any nation in the world, your job is to manage your economy, workforce and military, in order to become a superpower. You can micro-manage as much as you want, even down to the individual soldier on the battlefield. With thousands of soldiers, that would be a bit of a chore, but the upgraded automation system should make the game more playable to common folk than previous iterations in the series..."

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wondroushippo3397d ago

Great, just what we need... another PC game that hurts my head.

supercharger51503397d ago

"only for HARDCORE strategy fans"
I guess cause damn, that screen shot looks LAME.

wondroushippo3397d ago

Nothing like a tech tree to make a game look dull as hell

supercharger51503397d ago

Really, is this all that's coming out this week? I don't know if I can agree that this is the release of the week.

bgrundman3397d ago

It is either that or the G.I Joe game, so it was pretty slim pickings to begin with.

roblef3397d ago

Gonna have to agree with you on that one.

roblef3397d ago

Man that looks complex and difficult

Haly3397d ago

That's what I was thinking! I like quite hardcore stuff but that does look pretty confusing.

mirumu3397d ago

I guess I'm one of the few who've been hanging out for this game. Had a pre-order in for some time. Loved the two previous titles in the series. Despite all the complexity and depth they did a respectable job of keeping it manageable. It's extremely slow paced for a RTS requiring plenty of forethought and future planning, but to fans of the series that's one of it's selling points.

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