Appsmile Upcoming iPhone Game: Orbital by Bitforge

Appsmile writes: "Bitforge hit the nail right on its head when it comes to music, sound effects and graphics. The melodies are extremely soothing, and that makes losing yourself in the gameplay that much easier. The refined SFX are complimented by a speaking robot. Bitforge included a good variety of tracks (adding more is still encouraged), but the same cannot be said about the robot; at the moment he is too shy and needs a better vocabulary (the developers have only themselves to blame for making it so fun to listen to). In terms of graphics, all attempts to find something to pick on failed miserably. Orbital is so pleasing to the eye that I had to give up on the notion of improving anything, and instead came up with ridiculous ideas like an animation for the speaking robot (stupid? I dare you to top that)."

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