Sony says 'girlz play too' and LocoRoco is a girly game

Destructoid writes.... The US PlayStation Web site has opened up a delicously patronizing new page to promote the Lilac PSP and Hannah Montana bundle, claiming that "Girlz Play Too!" The beautifully misguided and cynical page spouts such wise words as, "OMG Lilac PSP," and only gets worse from there.

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ThatCanadianGuy3392d ago

Shocking to see Jim sterling hating on Sony again.

randomwiz3392d ago

come on... did you see the lilac psp tv ad? The color might be good, but the size is so unattractive to the target audience.

A lilac psp go would work much better than a lilac psp3000.

Spike473392d ago

Really, I don't want to imagine what they would do with their free time if the PS3 was not around.

thedukeofkna3392d ago

They remind me of that one episode of Chapelles show with the haters ball. That's all these guys do.


Galvanise3392d ago

All Sony are saying is that girls might enjoy the game, not that it is only a game for girls.

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The story is too old to be commented.