Burnout 5 is Paradise

IGN reports that the new trailer and a handful of screenshots accompany the press release for the recently titled Burnout Paradise and the game is scheduled for release this winter on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Turning to the trailer and screens it's apparent that the game has a phenomenal lighting engine with an immense draw distance and busy streets. Burnout Paradise will certainly be the prettiest Burnout we've ever seen, and Criterion promises it'll also be the most brutal.

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Diselage4243d ago

That Hotrod can't be touched, that will be my car of choice for that class.

sumfood4u4243d ago

nice music & gameplay. a lot of fans gonna buy this game!

Somethnnew184243d ago

If you take a good look at this game and the cars....IT LOOKS LIKE [email protected] NEED FOR SPEED:CARBON!......Seriously.. .And need for speed:carbon just pissed off all around...DAMN YOU EA GAMES AND YOUR MAINSTREAM BARELY UP TO PAR BORROWED GRAPHICS AND PHYSIC'S!!!!!!!!!!

Somethnnew184243d ago

Take a close look..This ain't no Cinematic Gameplay...As far as I can tell...These are in game graphics....If not...Then it should be damn near....Tell me I'm wrong about calling out the fact that it looks like NFSC.....????

MK_Red4243d ago

"Burnout ripoff of NFS!!????" This is the craziest and most inaccurate thing I've ever heard. It is NFS who is ripping off other like Midnight Club and Burnout.
And boy, the name suits the game. A paradise for Burnout and racing fans.

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