Gamertell Review: Help Wanted for Wii

Gamertell has posted a positive review of Hudson Soft's Help Wanted for Wii.

From the review:

"The Wii's known as a haven for mini-game collections. The sort of games which take advantage of the motion control abilities, are appealing to a wide audience, accessible to players of all ages and happen to be affordably priced.

Hudson's Help Wanted is one of these collections. It's pretty versatile too, with a Job Battle multiplayer mode that offers four ways to win and a Career Fair mode which lets you practice playing the 50 mini-games. The most interesting part is the Employment Office story mode, where all of the games are unlocked and players strive to save the world by taking part-time jobs. It may not be the perfect Wii mini-game collection, but it's definite one of the more interesting ones."

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