New PSP Gran Turismo shots

Sony has fired out a batch of new shots for the really good looking PSP version of its monster racing franchise, Gran Turismo. There's a handful of gameplay(ish) buried in there if you look hard enough and some boxart.

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shocky162942d ago

really, that's some sick ass graphics for the PSP.

on par with GT4 easily (imo).

Arthur_2942d ago

....he did not sell his PSP. Looks like he'll be hitting up Craigslist to find a used one.

poindat2942d ago

Yep, simply incredible. This will be the first gaming purchase I will make for my PSP in, well... over 2 years.

cRaZyLeGs 932942d ago

This looks a lot different to these ones. Still, in motion looks like gt4.

cryymoar2942d ago

PD just wants my battery to die in less than an hour with those graphics :(

Greywulf2942d ago

Pretty soon the media is going to catch on and the world is going to go "wTF happened" when gtpsp looks like the e3 gameplay and not GT5 on a handheld.

The shadow detail of the vette images screams not pre-rendered. take a look at the shots of the side mirror's detached shadow.

Id imagine this is some sort of .. i dont know. but thats not from a PSP engine. thats impossible, literally.

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mint royale2942d ago

they are sick shots for the psp! Looking very promising.

Nineball21122942d ago

Yeah, I agree. It's amazing how great those look coming from such a small gaming device.

coolfool2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

How big are these shots? They are bigger than an actual PSP right (resolution-wise)? So they can't have literally came from a PSP and so not a PSP build.

However, I do think it will look this good.

TotalPS3Fanboy2942d ago

Incredible. So incredible for such a small handheld device.

-Mezzo-2942d ago

Incredible, it looks like that MEZZO will be visiting his PSP again.

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The story is too old to be commented.