Monster Hunter Tri - New Screens

GamersDigest has uploaded three brand new screenshots for Monster Hunter Tri, following Capcom's announcement that the title will be releasing in both Europe and North America for the Wii in early 2010.

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BX813396d ago

2010 keeps getting really good titles... I never thought I would include a Wii title in that category.

darrensworld3396d ago

another game i'll play on my gf's wii. looks really good.

NaiNaiNai3396d ago

Heck if it looks that good on the wii they can do a direct port to 360/ps3 with no problems, or people complaining about the games looks.

BTW looks amazing.

Shnazzyone3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Just because it looks great on wii doesn't an easy port make. Nintendos graphics work in a totally different way with many graphical effects then the HD consoles do. 360 and ps3 use basicly graphics enhanced pc tech. Nintendo has proprietary ibm tech. Basicly when Macs stopped using powerPC architecture nintendo bought it. The shaders, the way the processes are performed, particle effects, Every bit is very wii specific. Expect a long long wait if you want this for 360 or PS3. Since it's basically porting something built from the ground up for powerpc architecture to an intel or AMD architecture.

Meanwhile I simply cannot get over the ridiculous detail they have put into those monsters. It just plain jaw dropping. The best part is these are in game screens which means this is what the game looks like all the time. I can't wait to get my Hunter on.

Simply put... they can't translate this title fast enough for my taste.

ChickeyCantor3396d ago


One thing is also important to note.
While the hardware architectures differ from each other, that doesn't mean the the syntax for writing stuff like this is different.

In the end it comes down to the compiler.

However Optimization is indeed different. HVS is doing more with the system, and factor 5 was the first to set a new bar with a LAUNCH game on the gamecube, games after that didn't even reach that bar.
It seems like few understand the Wii's system.
Capcom is also getting better their rail shooter(RE) looks very well made too.

N4g_null3395d ago

After looking at what HD gamers are doing to FF and other games that are not MW2 I don't think that would be a great idea. Wii owners are the only ones with out a boycott brewing right now.

Capcom put monster hunter on the Wii because no one thinks their are enough gamers on the HD system to like a game like this. You can look at a long list of games that have qualities like monster hunter yet they do not even have a chance on the HD consoles.

FinalomegaS3396d ago

Ok so we have some wii hater that hate the fact this is only on wii(looking at the stealth disagrees lol),

Shnazz you're right but why would the HD players want a "port" from the wii. Isn't that beneath them? They deserve a full fledged MH title.

Because in the end I know whatever game is release on whatever system, I will play it. Console loyalty.. so old.

Ssxtreme363396d ago

yeah, whats up with the random disagrees?

anyways, i could care less if they made an HD port or not. this game is probably the only game i can think of right now that makes me want to go out and purchase a wii, it looks just that good. while i think there will eventually be a port or new MH game on the 360 & ps3, this is more than enough to satisfy anyone whose a hardcore mh player or someone who may be even just a little bit tempted to try it out.....

N4g_null3395d ago

Omg_Armageddon those guys just have a vendetta.They think that the Wii is the reason why their HD systems are failing. We all know it is the games that they them selves promote and then shoot down like some mommy dearest. It really is troubling too because they are the sole reason why they got the res evil they got, the gears of war, uncharted, killzone2 yet they praise these games. Yes they are good ,for them but really how much playability is there?

Another thing is they are the most unhappiest gamers you will find. I remember having my neo geo and I was totally fine with it, not selling LOL. I totally understood why and no amount of arguing online would change that.

Another thing is you have to ask your self why do people online love to hate or judge things that they know they can not possibly do or make better? Some of the people doing the judging don't even try to learn more about the things they talk about. It is alsmot as if they will prove them selves wrong and winning an argument means more than learning some thing new.

There is an air of know it all-ness going on it seems. Anyway got to go, got more stuff to go see!


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