EU LotRO Players Welcomed Back

Codemasters are offering former LotRO players a chance to come back to the game and play for free for one week.

From today, former players can update their client to the latest version and log in to play LotRO for no cost, until 10 August. Players will find their characters waiting for them, so they can resume play from the last time they were logged in.

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Maticus3392d ago

Well, it worked for Conan :)

Medievaldragon3392d ago

This is probably a stunt to grab some of the players who just got flushed from Matrix Online. The game servers have officially been shutdown.

Leord3392d ago

They should really make that permanent. Like, if you've been off for 3 months, you're free to one week if you want.

Probably encourage people to come back permanently.

Chazmers3392d ago

will be interesting to see how many people stay after the free week?

Fyzzu3392d ago

Tempting, if I had time. Sadly, I don't. I wil pick up LotRO again eventually, though...

Medievaldragon3392d ago

I don't think a week of free gameplay is worth the long download or returning to. They should add more time, and maybe other incentives such as a in-game pet or something truly valuable -- which could encourage not only to play the free time but to wish to reactivate the account.

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