Double Fusion Brings In-Game Ads To Wipeout HD

In-game ad house Double Fusion has brought dynamic, in-game video advertising to the PlayStation 3 game Wipeout HD across North America and Europe, the company said Monday.

Double Fusion said it will inject advertising that will complement the hover-racer's futuristic presentation. The new video ads have yet to launch, but Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein said certain unnamed advertisers have already signed up for placements in Wipeout HD. Ads will be shown during the game's loading screens, Double Fusion said.

The company added that the video ads would be "the highest definition" available in-game, and the game will also have supplemental ads that are standard definition.


[UPDATE: According to in-game comparison footage captured by YouTube user Ryaldeco, the in-game Wipeout HD ad is displayed as part the "loading" process, thereby significantly inflating that loading process to more than twice its usual length. The user reports having to sit through the ad more than three times in an hour.]

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Megaton3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

As I said in the one that was reported as a dupe: Lame... really lame.

Ads really grind my gears. I use FireFox so I don't have to look at them online, I rarely watch TV so I don't have to deal with commercial breaks, and now they're invading my games.

darthv723396d ago

We'll get right back to the action right after a word from our sponsor....

Do you ever get those not so fresh days.....

usern4g3396d ago

Its amazing, I cant believe they'd do such a thing.

usern4g3396d ago

Is this even legal?

They've substantially changed the product *after* you've purchased it. I'd recommend disastisfied customers call Sony.

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