Modern Warfare 2: Steps to Help Avoid The Sophomore Slump


"Ever since E3 of this year, Infinity Ward has been very hard at work with teasing us all throughout the summer. Whether it was the prestige edition un-boxing video, the countless tweets from Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo), or the world premiere multiplayer trailer, Modern Warfare 2 has thus far had absolutely no problem with making front-page headlines. It is to the point that other games that were set to launch alongside the giant have for the most been conveniently "delayed" to 2010. Now I am all about hyping games, and to be honest, sometimes the waiting and anticipation is the best part. With the anticipation comes the worry. The main thing that has me concerned is that as great as Modern Warfare 2's predecessor was, it definitely wasn't perfect. If all the issues that were present in the original somehow carry over to MW2 (and I really hope they don't), it can spell out sophomore slump for the blockbuster title..."

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Alcohog3393d ago

How is the their fourth full release in a series considered their sophomore debut? Fail.