Cid Arrives In The Crystal Bearers

It's been a while since there has been any real news about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, so it was a welcome surprise to see some new information divulged in the latest edition of Shonen Jump Magazine in Japan.

There is a brief one-page spread, which details a little bit of information about the game, while announcing a new character, Dr. Cid. He appears at the bottom-left of the scan and is apparently part of the Lilty race.

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Selyah3058d ago

Nice to see the tradition of Cid in FF games continues.

ShawnCollier3058d ago

Wouldn't be Final Fantasy without Cid. xd

mephman3058d ago

Not sure about him being a Lilty though. :p

Selyah3058d ago


@mephman - that's not very nice don't be racist poor Liltys

mephman3058d ago

Pfft, they are my favourite race. :(

PS360WII3058d ago

Interesting. Looks like Crystal Chronicles is becoming more of a mainstay at SE then what it started out as :) Good to see