Editorial: Is there Room For Xbox 360 And PS3 After Wii is Done?

For the last 6 months or so, nothing has been more popular in gaming's private circle of friends than to rip on the PS3. It's been a raucous good time to be sure; I myself in fact have enjoyed taking a few rips into Sony's vulnerable hide. There's really nothing more satisfying than watching the brash, cocky champion waltz into the ring without a care in the world and then get his a** knocked out.

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naturalgamer4125d ago

yeah .. ok. in 5 years there's only the Wii .... do they smoke crack or what? never going to happen. MS and Sony only need a drastic pricecut and everything will be fine.

JCDenton4125d ago

I agree with Naturalgamer, but when Sony drops price on PS3, there's no doubt M$ will do the same with X360. Also, Nintendo may drop price too to, like, 200$ or less, and we're back at the start. So, yeah, it IS possible for Nintendo to win this generation war, but I don't believe Sony and M$ will disappear from the gaming market just like that...

Amplifier4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Propriety Controller

This is Nintendo's double edge sword, with both the PS3 and X360 you see "multi-million" dollar franchises on both those but where are they on the Wii. Nintendo is going to be AGAIN the major supporter of their own system.

Watch and see, regardless of user base.

This is not fanboyism, this is realism.


hamburgerhill4125d ago

I hope the best for Nintendo but don't see them winning this generation! What I don't get is why everybody wants to believe that just because a console is selling well makes it the champion! For me the console that offers the best services and sell's the most games per unit is the winner and that's why 360 is on top right now! Sony hasn't turned it's back on PS2 customers either because I still have mines and don't feel forgotten about at all! Who ever wrote this sounds kind of bias anyway because he referred to the 360 as a hunk of junk which is totally untrue and silly to say!

kewlkat0074125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I usually dissect articles, whoever may has written it but this guy does not have a perfect reasonable argument.

"Will MS be willing to continue taking hits on the level they are now just so they can maybe have a chance at winning the console market"(GOOD QUESTION)

"With the departure of Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi earlier this week we saw a major chink in Sony’s chain. Major shifts are being made internally and it’s a blatant admission that things just aren’t working."( AGREE)

"But now, the success of the PS3 rests in the hands of some shoddy first-party titles, and fleeting third-party exclusives."(AGREE)

"If Nintendo runs away with this console race don’t be too surprised if the Xbox 720 is the last we see from MS in the gaming realm. "(DISAGREE)

1. The only reason why someone would come up with that logic would be, a business is still a business and profits have to be made in order for the business to have a chance at surviving. Since Nintendo is the only console maker right about now, banking huge profits from the sales of it's products, so we can say they will be here again next-generation.

2. Microsoft and their big pockets, while they were not profitable with the original Xbox (which was expected), I think they will see gains on the Xbox 360, as long as the fans continue to purchase and chew up Sony's market-share. We all know good games are to follow because of.

3. Sony is still the king here, the Ps2 still selling well, while I think it hurts the PS3's life cycle in the long run, gamers (loyalist or not) will continue to purchase a PS3's when they can afford it, and when there are some decent games out.

4. I see all 3 consoles having their own audience and a share of the market this generation(WHAT I WANT). The PS3's and Xbox360's audience, will eventually own a Nintendo, so quite frankly Nintendo doesn't give a hoot or have much to loose.

-NINTNEDO-Doesn't have much to loose.(They are profitable)
-MICROSOFT-Have a lot to gain(Real competitor to SONY IMO)(big Pockets)
-SONY-The king has lot to loose this GEN,(have been loosing Exclusives/Market-Share.)

Master of Menace4125d ago

I have been playing the new and improved Obilivion in HD on PS3. It's way better than 360 and PC versions. The clearer textures and improved framerate just enhance the gameplay so incredibly. That is what the future holds. Those that say they don't need great graphics are living a lie and making excuses. There is no way I could ever downgrade to a Wii. I feel sorry for people who think Wii is the future of gaming. It's probably an excuse to keep their ancient televisions in operation. Stop living in the past people, and get with the program. Though, if you think Wii is the future it may already be too late.

mcintosh2334125d ago

Me personally i was just gonna have a go on shivering isles not really into 1 year old plus content at the mo.
You will find that oblivion looks best on a highend pc btw

Master of Menace4125d ago

Look again mcintosh233. Next time on the right screen!

mcintosh2334125d ago

PS3 oblivion SUCKS. what you gonna go and install a mod haha play a bit of SI.
oh and btw there are a couple of comparison videos in hd going about and i think (along with most of the people who commented)1 360 ver looks better and 2 PS3 need more ram/BR disks loading times suck and ps3 sorry ps1 controller also blows

PS360WII4125d ago

Oblivion for PS3 is killer. I've been playing that like a mad man! Already done with the real story now I'm just doing all the fun side quests (I'm one bad arse conjurer ^^)

However it's not a downgrade to play on the Wii as well. It's equally as enjoyable and I really like playing Paper Mario right now and yes I still have Bowling Tournaments with a bunch of friends on the weekend.

360 I watched Smoking Aces and Children of Men on HD-DVD and can't wait to see some other cool action movies soon and I'm awaiting those RPG's that'll come out soon too.

sigh... I know I'm a broken record but come on! All the systems are stunning achievements on the gaming sphere and they're all awesome!

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