GT5 "source" comments are "rumour and speculation"

Mike Jackson from CVG writes:

"Sony has deemed recent rumours regarding a 2009 release for Gran Turismo 5 as "rumour and speculation".

Following a much talked about Amazon listing, which pinned the game for a December 29 release in US, so-called sources have cropped up to say that a 2009 release is highly likely, although they claim the Amazon date is incorrect."

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keysy4203423d ago


saint_john_paul_ii3423d ago

The key words to look here are:

-Not True

Do you see any of these words there on Sony's behalf?

Rainstorm813423d ago

I love it when sites that had tons of forza coverage doubt that GT5 can release this year.

Looks like a POTENTIAL 2009 release of GT5 got people shytting their pants.

skatezero2463423d ago

yea it's coming, I can see a december release date

Jamaicangmr3423d ago

So basically it's true then, thanks Sony. lol! Am a be a shut in for this Xmas lol!