Even more FF13 Graphic Changes

After yesterday's story on FF13 Graphics Changes in Action, a few more near-identical screens have surfaced showing off the difference between the older build of Final Fantasy XIII.

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Gue13395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Well on the first couple of pics the first/old looks a lot better. On the second couple of pics the second/newer pic looks much more detailed but let me tell ya that both of the old pics look like CGI.

If that was real time on the PS3 then I prefer the old build by far... =D

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

FF 13 Versus + FF 14 at E3 2010 next year :-/

Even tho this years E3 they didn't really get anything PS3 Exclusive. MGS:R is not MGS4 SUCKERS!!! ;-D

'NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOT!!! SNAAAAAAAAAKE!!!' ;-D (Kojima said to M$ at E3)

presto7173395d ago

Now that the secret is uncovered, Square wouldnt dare release this graphical abomination.


DonCorneo3395d ago

The only thing the FF series has got going for it has always been the GRAPHICS. FF7 first 3D rpg with beatiful pre-rendered background. FFVIII fully 3D. Then there's the over the top effects for magic and summons. Plus, their CGI movies are always top-notch.

However, the story/plot is always cliche and boring. Battle system sucks. Customization is hit or miss. Too many lame mini-games. But the music is always good, though.

In the end, FF has always been about graphics first.. without great visuals, this series is just a second rate jRPG

The Killer3395d ago

F*** u and ur inventor and ur damned souls and every money u spent to ruin FF13 on ps3!!

F*** u again and again!! i will never support MS even if it is the last company in the world!!!! never ever!!!!

u will not get a pinny from me and i will buy ps3 when there is a price cut this year!!!!

fcking losers!!!

Letter to the bots: u deserve all the money u lost with MS and got in return a finger in that hole!!!

topdawg1223395d ago

The ps3 would've got this game years ago, but since it went multiplat and got delayed now were gonna be left with a watered down version. They delayed this an extra 3 years, and yes it is because it is a multiplat. If it was still exclusive it most likely would have looked like the older build. God, i wish they would have stayed exclusive, Ps3 owners would have had it already!!

BooHooBot3395d ago

me wanty the pwetty gwaphics, mama! me wanty now!!! y is pics of xbox 360 ugly? WAHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHH

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IrishAssa3395d ago

First pics is is better on top,
second pic, the one on top is cgi. bottom one isn't

lociefer3395d ago

yep, now its officially downgraded, thaaankk yoouu microsooft

Syronicus3395d ago

I was looking forward to this game due to both graphics and game play but with the loss of decent game play in past releases by Sqenix and now the loss of the eye popping graphics shown for this game early on, I have begun to lose my interest.

Godmars2903395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

No, thank you Square. they didn't have to make the deal. Or make any over estimation of their abilities.

Of course its going to be ironic, and death sentence, if they manage to make the 360 version look like the first pics, while the PS3 gets the downgraded one.

presto7173395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

But is it really because of the 360 that they had to downgrade? I thought Square assured us that they would finish making the ps3 version before they even start doing anything for the 360. Or was that just a load of BS?

At least squeenix "promised" to keep Versus XIII exclusive to the PS3. So if the regular FFXIII looks like crap compared to Versus, then we'll know it was because the game went multiplat.

THE BIAS3395d ago

And some people think dvd's haven't hindered games

Jmlopezbr3395d ago

Is it not possible that the first ones were touched up or target renders? We all know Square Enix lies... a lot... so they could have easily "lied" to us with those first images.

Also, have you people not seen the demo? The demo looked great and it wasn't even the final build. The E3 Trailer was amazing as well. Can we please stop worrying about the graphics and more about the story. That is what I am more worried about, because I don't worry about graphics while I play.

Boody-Bandit3395d ago

my anticipation for this title is starting to dwindle.
SE has some explaining to do but I'm sure it will be just pure BS PR spin / damage control anyway.

3395d ago
ultimolu3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

...*shakes head*

This game looked really good the first time I saw it.

Thank you Microsoft. You strike again.

Omegaheat: Are you blind? This game looked really good before it went multiplatform. You can clearly see the downgrade in graphics.

Hellsvacancy3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Wait 4 Versus like i am

Thats y im all 4 exclusive titles the devs can can get the most out of the platform there workin on then - rather then lower the quality

Hence y i said "Wait 4 Versus"

Chubear3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

MS has told developers in the past to "DOWNGRADE/DEGRADE YOUR GAMES ON THE 360". So if you support a company that tells developers to do that in clear simple English then why's everyone now up-set?

I has thought that gaming "journalists" would have talked about this more when MS openly came out and said these things but n-o-o-o. They're just patsies looking for their next ad$ meal.

I know a lot of 360 fans will say I'm lying about the quote above but it's true. I know a couple of sites did vlogs about it like 1UP, DLB etc. How the hell people can support a company that openly tells developers this is totally amazing to me.

If you disagree then that means you're saying I'm lying about the quote and I'd love that you set me straight after you disagree.

Christopher3395d ago

Looks like the graphic changes aren't really downgrades but 'Americanization' changes.

Aquanox3395d ago

Do you remember the first screens released for MGS4?

Do you remember how it ended up looking?

Ok, it's the same thing here, and that game wasn't even ported. Stop blamming the Xbox 360, it has always handled ports splendidly.

Chubear3395d ago

you all got to know they downgraded other things like all types of gaming physics, lighting and even certain gameplay elements and parts of the story to make things fit on DVD9. It's sad.

N4g_null3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Ha every thing has an xbox green to it now LOL. I think they are trying to show off some differ rendering from what it looks like... also the colors are much more richer which will make it look more cartoony to HD gamers because they like darkness.

This is a graphical choice and possibly to keep the detail higher. I would suggest them offer both choices on the blu ray edition just to make some people happy.

Another thing is there are less shadows just because of the contrast this is why some of you feel the graphics are flatter. They are all the same the only change is in the screen color adjustment.

ultimolu3395d ago

Yeah Aquanox, keep telling yourself that it isn't the 360. It's interesting to know that 360 fanboys can't see that Microsoft chose the wrong format.

Yeah, because everyone is a 360 hater around here...anyone who dares speak about the downgrade of quality in the game.

I have seen videos of this game before it was announced as multiplatform and it looked a LOT better than it does now.

Chubear3395d ago

I think you're going to see a lot rentals or used sales for this game on the PS3 while the base puts their money on FFvs13 instead. It'll be interesting to see how much the 360 fanbase support the game in NA & EU

Rusco873395d ago

MGS4 looked better after after they Graded it like they do in films. i.e 300, the matrix, LOTR and every film that is recent

foxtheory3395d ago

The hype for this game is slowly going away as well, although I'll still get it for sure. The gameplay still looks great, and even though it doesn't look as good as it did earlier, it still looks amazing. It just won't be a day one buy for me...

leila013395d ago

I'd wait for the game to be in my PS3 before I make any stupid statement.

phosphor1123395d ago

And I still don't see it. The background looks better, but for all we know, thats a 2D background. The models themselves obviously lost thousands of polys. You can now see the corners from the polys on Lightning's hand, boobs, and the hair looks utterly atrocious.

meepmoopmeep3395d ago

i've played the demo many many times.
it still looks great to me.

and yeah, the 2nd images.
Top is the CGI one, in the demo that scene is real time which explains the 2nd bottom image.

THE BIAS3395d ago

Ps3 fans said this since the beginning though. Either the 360 version will look noticeably worse or the 360 version will drag the ps3 version down. Of course ms aren't going to want the ps3 version looking superior. So its been dragged down, noticeably. Look at the pictures. This is why we hate it when ps3 exclusives go to 360. No wonder Hideo Kojima refused to make mgs4 for that xbox tripe

ThanatosDMC3395d ago

I'll wait for people's reviews and what our N4G people has to say about the game when it comes out.

meepmoopmeep3395d ago

the graphics (so far) are on par with some of the best looking games this gen.

so yeah, i don't know if it'll get downgraded or whatever, but the demo
was no slouch in the graphics department.

the gameplay is awesome (if you love you the ol' turn-based system) with a twist

NeoCloud3395d ago

Wow, that is quite a big difference there, Lets hope it gets better with time.

Cerberus_Hunter3395d ago

it still looks better than any RPG out now...

FarEastOrient3395d ago

Downgrading of polygon counts for models is happening because the PS3 can not handle it, you've got to be kidding me. The polygon count was fine before it went multi-platform and the strands of hair is no problem for the PS3. Nariko's hair is just a few hundred polygons less than the models used in Final Fantasy XIII, outfits having trouble (!?!) look at the dress in Final Fantasy XIII, or better yet look at the vehicles in GT5.

Just get the game out already so I can enjoy the game in December and have it finished before GoW3, Mass Effect 2, and Bioshock 2 comes out. This should give me some time before Final Fantasy XIII and White Knight Chronicles 2 come out. Oh yeah throw in the Tales of Vesperia Complete and Star Ocean IV Complete too.

DevastationEve3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

The disc technology has N * O * T * H * I * N * G to do with how the game looks and performs, besides how the game loads.

Final Fantasy XIII is not being downgraded because of disc technology. It's not because of Xbox 360 whatsoever. If you guys would analyze what's been said and done over the years of Squeenix's announcements they've said that they're building this game on PC initially ANYWAY, so the first trailers and screens were of that build. Then came the work that they've actually ported to the PS3, and then after that came Xbox 360's screens and gameplay.

The way I count a trailer's worth is how it looks on the XBL download. When it gets to there it's basically confirmed footage of that particular game running on that particular console. FF XIII's showing at Microsoft's booth last year was actually PS3 footage with the buttons changed to "go". The only official stuff regarding Xbox 360 came out a couple months back.


And you guys can't SERIOUSLY be thinking that the top screens were realtime anyway!!! They were CGI, Final Fantasy XIII's cinemas are both in realtime and CGI. And the CGI will always look better since it's just a video file, there's no graphics work to be done.

3395d ago
Domenikos3395d ago

Dunno if its MS fault...

But this game is cursed since last E3...

It looks so average now...

FarEastOrient3395d ago

If those "screen shots" were target renders than where should the blame go if GG met their's with Killzone 2, Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2, and Epic with Gears of War (PC version)?

DarkMantrid3395d ago

Well thats just great! And think that i actually used to look forward to this. This game just seems less and less appealing

commodore643395d ago


Yeah looks like the target render wasn't achievable in this ps3 build.
Kinda makes me wish they'd released it on 360 only.

Most of the multiplats are held back by the ps3, as is commonly known.

I'd really like to see a great game like this shine on 360 without being so obviously held back by the ps3, like so many other multiplats.

GiantEnemyCrab3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Agreed. Stop blaming MS you have jack sh*t for proof.

For all we know Square has been feeding us bull shots or showing off the PC build. They have some explaining to do, but I doubt they will say anything.

CrazedFiend3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Sorry Presto(1.4), but Square CAN'T make Versus look better than XIII. That would piss MS off. Just like the PS3 FFXIII CAN'T be better than the 360 version, Versus can't overshadow the 360 XIII because that would make the 360 look bad and MS has WAY to much industry clout right now for Square to take that chance.

And while it's true that Square INITIALLY stated that they wouldn't work on the 360 version before the PS3 version was finished, Square announced only a few months later that both versions were being developed SIMULTANEOUSLY. This was obviously due to pressure by MS who couldn't be happy with merely securing their own version (also evident in how the PS3 demo was pulled from existence outside of Japan just a couple short weeks before its release even though it was supposedly finished and ready to go).

If you read some of my earlier comments on this, you'll see I had great issues with Square's announcement of this sudden simultaneous development of a game that was in development for years on the PS3 and was nearing the END of it's production cycle before they struck that deal with MS because it meant that not only was the game going to be GREATLY delayed (dividing resources and getting the 360 version caught up), but the game itself was also going to have to be downgraded from the original concept.

Although I don't know if (although I'm afraid it probably will) have any relevance to the PS3 version, Square already stated that the 360 version will not have the original Japanese dialogue as was planned from the beginning. Even back then, anyone who stopped and thought about it could see were this was going.

This question we should be asking is not whether or not the 360 has the graphic capabilities. We know it can. The question we should be asking is whether, even with all its compression tricks, can it support those kind of graphics and STILL make a grand scale game.

Now I don't want to get into a debate as to which system has bigger or smaller games or whether bigger games actually means more fun. I just want to point out that SQUARE MAKES GRAND SCALE GAMES, and keep in mind when they were making a PS3 exclusive, they were originally dealing with a 50GB per disc specifications before. I'm sure it could be as safe bet that they were planning to PACK those 50GB! There is no way that this game is going to be of the same quality that the PS3 exclusive would have been. Not on a DVD.

So now we're seeing some actual hard evidence that the game is indeed being downgraded. And I'm pretty sure that the graphics are just one of the sacrifices that had to be made from the original. I'm sure they SQUARE STILL WANTS THE GAME TO LOOK AS BEAUTIFUL AS POSSIBLE, so I'd be surprised if there weren't meetings in Square offices to discuss what parts of the story can they do away with, what levels, what effects. All in order to make the game fit in "x" number of DVDs. Most of those things fit under the school of "what they don't know won't hurt them", but unfortunately, like so many others, this game was forever being showcased on its graphics. And now it's starting to bite them in the a$$. They knew they were going to make a FFXIV. If they had given that to MS, they could have at least developed the game from the ground up with the 360 in mind.

I still don't think it's cool though, that developers go through SO MUCH EFFORT to keep PS3 games from looking better than the 360 versions, but make NO effort at all to keep 360 games from looking better than the PS3 version. I mean if it's so much easier to knock the better version down than to build the weaker version up, shouldn't that be working both ways???

But I guess I can't be mad at them. It's just business. Good business for Square. Good business for Microsoft. Good business for 360 owners who don't have a PS3. The only people who lose out are the PS3 owners who were sold on and waited years for original game design, just to lose out on it when it was getting to be so close.



Ok, I am mad.

coolirisGB3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Why are you trying to blame Microsoft for Sony's smoke and mirrors tricks praticed with all PS2 and PS3 games? The game pics were touched up assuming some fanatics are not mixing up different builds to start sh* t . Watch
the 360 version will more closely match the lead version with the PS3 version being the version worst off

WonderboyIII3395d ago

Before MS asked for FF13, dev has been happening on the PC uisng a tool called Crystal Tools. So developers have all the power they need and the textures and lightning. From that platform they will port to consoles. That architecture is x86 and is closer to 360, so porting to 360 is easier. If the PS3 is strong enough it should be as close as possible to the original. The porting is not from xbox to ps3.

coolirisGB3395d ago

Reason and logic does not matter the goal is revenge for Id's RAGE and NPD and so on.0

Bob Loblaw3395d ago

I love my 360 (and PS3) but I'm hating M$ right now for doing this to potentially one of the best games of all time.

thesummerofgeorge3395d ago

why would they build one version on the ps3, then downgrade it when the ps3 can clearly handle it? I knew something had to give, they can't promise they won't make compromises when one machine is so much less powerful than the other, and has so much less space. Fvck you sqenix, honestly, there's no one left there with any artistic integrity to keep things real, they need their own Kojima to smack them every time they try to sell out.


"yep, now its officially downgraded, thaaankk yoouu microsooft"

metal gear solid 4 went though dramatic changes through the years and ended up becoming a sub hd game, and yet i didn't even hear a thank you too anyone. (i guess that's how mentally wretched fanboys have nowadays become)

you can't expect every game to look exactly the same as it did years ago.

and don't tell me that most of you guys are going to blame 360 on all games that under go the same changes in it's life span.

Gun_Senshi3395d ago

Disc Technology has nothing to do with quality of graphics.

The Capacity of data does. A texture with higher resoltion take way more then a low quality texture. Easy.

7ero H3LL3395d ago

can anyone point out to me where they see a problem with these characters?

MTEC83395d ago

Based on the screen shots the game is looking worse, where are the upgrades? Whats up with SE lately, I wish it was the good old days, Square and Enix needs to be separate companies again because I haven't been interested in an SE game this gen. Bring on the next gen Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story.

aaronisbla3395d ago

the fanboyism thats on display from both sides in here is pretty bad.

likedamaster3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

You hit the hammer on the nail. Bubbles.

I couldn't care less, 360 version for me if its good.

AAACE53395d ago

There are too many people making the comment, "Just wait for Versus XIII like I am!"

What you haven't realized is that if you bypass this game and not get it for the Ps3, it will look like more 360 owners will buy SE games. And it will make them reconsider keeping Versus exclusive to Ps3!

Don't let your fanboyism mess up something. Just get the game and enjoy it!

ChickeyCantor3394d ago

" you all got to know they downgraded other things like all types of gaming physics"

You have to be kidding?
Physics? The physic system is basically nothing but text files( bunch of classes).

And lightning? Same as physics.

They can't be that big to pull those down.

Game13a13y3394d ago

holding back PS3 like some kind of nightmare. please, leave the top tier games for the more superior hardware, the PS3. nobody likes to play games with washed out graphics with sub HD resolution with shinny surfaces over and over again (ala Unreal Engine) except the mentally challenged 360 fanboys. PLEASE!

KRUSSIDULL3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I think they are trying to make it look more like a CGI movie I doubt it has anything to do with the Xbox 360.

ChickeyCantor3394d ago

" nobody likes to play games with washed out graphics with sub HD resolution with shinny surfaces over and over again"

You pretend the game looks bad, that is just pathetic.
The game in the end still plays the same.

sloth4urluv3394d ago

"you all got to know they downgraded other things like all types of gaming physics, lighting and even certain gameplay elements and parts of the story to make things fit on DVD9. It's sad. "

How can you be an idiot and have so many bubbles?
What does DVD9 have to do with physics and lighting? (unless they are texture baking the lighting).
Physics is based off of formulas, same as realtime lighting. So if anything it would be a computational problem, not a storage problem.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3395d ago

That actually looks considerably worse.

The changes I see are in the weapon (looks less detailed, looks more like plastic)

The girl (she doesn't look as good, her hair is well bad, she doesn't have shadows on her face, and she looks like she just got back from spending a month in a cave).

Plus the environment doesn't look as good either. For some reason, in the second one, she's in a darker environment, yet she's glowing? what?

Max Power3395d ago

check out the clothing and armor on the characters the drastic changes seem worse (to me that is)

ultimolu3395d ago

This game looks f*cked up right now. I hope the gameplay is good but the visuals are a huge step back from what we've seen before.

I was right. This game will be gimped, mark my words.

ZombieNinjaPanda3395d ago

Max power, good point I didn't even notice the clothing.

There is less detail on her arm armor pad..? And the girl above her necklace just looks..flat.

INehalemEXI3395d ago

this is terrible , terrible gimpage going on. Ghastly.

DevastationEve3395d ago

the top screens are CGI and the bottom ones are what Squeenix has been able to get out of the PS3. Xbox 360 has only seen minor builds, just for the sake of Squeenix releasing actual footage of FF XIII running on 360 hardware. Their focus is still on PS3 and what you're seeing is reality...Xbox 360 is not "gimping" PS3's version since they've only just this year been working on anything having to do with the Xbox 360 version.


INehalemEXI3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

They are both screen shots of cut scenes one looks more gimped then the other though. Who said anything about the 360? If one is in game and the other cgi its understandable sure.However, I am still seeing gimpage. Why I am seeing gimpage is unclear. This is not good in any light.

Think about it... why would they dump the sweet cgi for in engine cut scene? The only good reason is to save disc space. FF's have been known for the sweet cgi if they are abandoning the cgi..... You did not find it odd that there was a 1000 years dreams all in text in LO? I got nothing against reading but seems there could of been more cutscene instead of so much reading.

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Doctor_Doom3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I don't know why do people believe this Sh1t

Besides,the xbox has nothing to do with this

rhood0223395d ago

You don't have to believe anything. The proof that the visuals have been downgraded is right in front of you.

Now, those making claims about the reasons WHY they are downgraded may be jumping the gun.

But the fact is--the visuals took a big hit.