Looking back: Fallout 3 and its DLC

If you played Fallout 3 but haven't explored the DLC, then this article is for you. Fallout's development team has followed the game up with some very solid downloadable content (DLC) releases that may have you investing more than the original costs of the game, but that greatly enrich the experience. These extra don't only add a lot of cool gear, but they throw in scenarios that didn't fit perfectly in the original storyline, letting players explore the world of Fallout 3 past the Capital Wasteland and far outside the purview of the main quest. If nothing else, these downloadables extended the life of the game for about a year after the original release date, making them a big deal to any who can't get enough of the game.

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FunAndGun3395d ago

So the PS3 will start getting the DLC 11 months after the games' release? There are just too many other good games out now and releasing soon for me to care about year old content. Great game Bethesda, but a little too late.

PS360WII3395d ago

I'd have to disagree. Sure PS3 owners are not getting the content at the same time but that hardly matters in terms of why you should play it. Judging from the 11 month absent that would mean you haven't played F3 on the PS3 in awhile... depending on your enjoyment with it of course so what better way to get that year old game back into your disk drive then to have some really awesome dlc?

I think it's perfect timing. Sure I already have it on the PC and 360 but if I only had the PS3 version I'd still be getting it with bated breath. They are worthwhile without a doubt. Heck I might just pick up the GOTY edition on PS3 so I can have all version ;) ya I'm an addict lol

PS360WII3395d ago

"On the way there are two more Fallout expansions, including Mothership Zeta which has a release date of August 3rd."

Does he know something we don't?! Mothership Zeta is suppose to be the last one for F3

toymachine3395d ago

mothership zeta came out today.

PS360WII3395d ago

Yup I know that but he says two more are coming out which includes Mothership Zeta 0.o after he talked about the other 4 that are out now... so is there a hidden 6th we don't know about!?