Batman: Arkham Asylum demo news coming this Friday


Eidos has confirmed that news concerning a Batman: Arkham Asylum demo will be coming on Friday.

Speaking on the game's official forums, an Eidos moderator, posting under the alias of chip5541, made the announcement last Friday.

"I just got word that news concerning the demo will be coming next week."

There you go then. Tune in same bat-time, same bat-channel, to see what happens.


Apparently it's not news that is coming about the demo this Friday, but rather the actual demo itself, as stated on the Eidos forums.

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Blaze9293396d ago

I couldn't enjoy the batman demo at Target. It's hard trying to get into a game when you have kids and even adults breathing down your neck watching you play and asking you questions like you're a damn representative of the game. "This that new Batman game huh?"..."Apparently -_-" "How do you play?" *drops controller and leaves*

Nitrowolf23396d ago

not only that but also play on a broken controller. i mean wtf do people do to those controller

StanLee3396d ago

Played the demo on PS3 at Gamestop a few weeks ago. It's a bit of a button masher. I don't know if you can unlock new combos as you progress. It seems like it could have some depth but it's accessible for a casual gamer who wants to mash buttons. What this usually means is a very shallow combat experience.

himdeel3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

...I played this at Game Stop also and I'm hesitant after a few runs through it at the kiosk. My hesitation is ONLY with respect to the time attack mode I played at the demoed retail kiosk.

The reason being I actually tried playing the first three rounds of time trials looking away from the screen, just pressing the action button, moving around randomly and passed all three levels fairly easily :( The forth round was a bit tougher playing without looking but it was doable.

I trust the story to be engaging because its the same writer from the animated series and love the nostalgia by adding the old voice actors. I want this game to be awesome but a bit concerned about the combat I saw and didn't see in the retail kiosk demo.

NeoCloud3396d ago

Will be getting this game for sure. Its like the game version of The Dark Knight, only that it isn't a movie game, when they say Demo comin out do they mean PS3,X360 or PC??

cyberwaffles3396d ago

"not only that but also play on a broken controller. i mean wtf do people do to those controller"

i know what you mean. those people have to be really pissed or something to totally decimate those controllers.

however, i saw something a million times worse at a best buy one time. it included a wii, a whole bunch of teenagers laughing their asses off, and one of the guy's pants half way down. i think they were high, but they did stuff to that wiimote that would make me never touch that controller again.

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The Obvious3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Batman doesn't like Joker so he hurts him physically.

MegaMohsi3396d ago

Still on the fence with this game, the trailers look awesome but waiting on reviews and the demo.

raztad3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Me too. I want his game be real good. August and most of september are barren of story driven games.


Thanks for the info. Sounds really promising.

Riddicrash3396d ago

I just thought I would let you know that there has already been two reviews (That I know of anyway), Ive only read one of them which was from GamesMaster which gave it 96%, it was a very positive review, and the other review came from OPMUK which gave it 9 out of 10!

RealityCheck3396d ago

The demo will be more telling.

I find reviews are only somewhat reliable once the game has been out for a while and there has been enough reviews for aggregator sites to have statistical significance. Too often the very first reviews are either too positive (to get early embargo lifted) or too negative (to get site hits).

Milky3396d ago

Eidos are apparently fixing reviews for Batman, just like they did with Kane and Lynch. I would wait until all the reviews are out before deciding whether to get it.

Riddicrash3396d ago

Thanks for the info, I will wait a little longer before I make my final decision on getting it!

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-Mezzo-3396d ago

I have been waiting for a good BATMAN game for so long, i really don't want it to squash my dreams.

TH3 GAM33396d ago

I thought the demo was already out since I just seen the demo on the ps3 at the walmart last night.

Nitrowolf23396d ago

retail have had the demo for a long time already.

Riddicrash3396d ago

I read it last night that the demo that is released to the public will be different than the one in stores!

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