Fallout 3 50% off on D2D

Direct2Drive has posted a nice offer for Bethesda's award winning RPG Fallout 3, giving the title a 50% discount.

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TheColbertinator3394d ago

Good deal right there and you have the best version of Fallout 3

Timesplitter143393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

People who disagreed probably don't know what a mod is. Fallout 3 has an outstanding mod community :

Mart's mutant mod : All ennemies look different, some are mini-bosses, ghouls come in hundreds, special encounters (like the Brotherhood fighting off mutants in a huge, large-scale battle)

Various weapon mods : Adds over 1000 guns and 100 different ammo types. It basically feels like how the real post-apocalypse would be.

Skins, clothes, models, ets... : Customize your character however you want it.

Texture mods : High res texture packs, "Green world" pack for grass fields and green trees, etc...

Perk packs, level cap increase, custom radio playlist

and many more

-Mezzo-3394d ago

This the best chance to grab one of the best games around, do not miss this.

urban bohemian3394d ago

Pick it up if you haven't already x

JonnyBigBoss3394d ago

I hated this game at first and then ended up platinuming it. Get it, be patient, and profit.

ravinash3393d ago

At first I thought it was too much like Oblivion and not that interesting.
But after you get into it and start building up your character, it starts to get harder to pull your self away.

Sniper4303394d ago

My new computer can handle this and although I have the ps3 version, I want to play geck lvs

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