Microsoft aborts Windows 7E, offers 'browser ballot'

Windows 7, Vista and XP users will be given a menu of browsers to try and install

Microsoft has aborted plans to release a special edition of Windows 7 for European customers.

The news comes as Microsoft prepares a final solution to ongoing accusations of 'unfair' browser bundling with Windows packages.

That solution is a 'browser ballot page'; an automatic pop-up which asks Windows users which browser they would like to use, from Safari to Firefox to IE.

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led10903421d ago

microsoft not monopolising the market :p .....really shocking

Godmars2903421d ago

And all it takes is an army of judges and lawyers standing on their chest.

Jrome3421d ago

Lets hope other competitors *cough Apple cough* follow suit and allow users to have options :).

IdleLeeSiuLung3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

This must be one of history's biggest anti-competitive actions done to a corporation from an entity.

Soon, you will be forced to pick a choice between car stereo options in your car from different manufacturers. In fact, from now on with your iPod you will be forced to choose who is supplying your headphones. Similarly with the Wii you will be forced to choose from different DVD readers and so on....

If I was MS, I would say screw you EU and pull my product and lay off all the workers. You can all use Linux!!!

It wouldn't be the wisest business decision, but [email protected] it would be satisfying.

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PirateThom3421d ago

What a fantastic idea. It's a solution that works for everyone.

Apple should do the same.

Rhythmattic3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Pirate Thom .

If that was a response to the Headline and led1090

Brilliant !

You should be a Diplomat.

Ssxtreme363421d ago

now if only they could add Crome as an option. im using it right now and honestly, if it had add on features like firefox, i probably would have made it my default browser along time ago but FF is still the best browser when it comes to functionality

darthv723421d ago

I really wish there was adifferent choice for the ps3 and wii. well, the one for the wii is pretty good seeing as it is opera based. I do think sony needs to update their browser or let users opt to use a different one (be it opera, firefox or chrome).

MS is in the software business and has built IE from waaaay back. I would expect things like a browser and media player built in to the OS out of the box. Let the user be the one to choose to use it or get something else (like it is currently). Unfair... I wouldnt say that considering the user still has choice. The same cant be said about the wii or ps3 however.

YES I am bringing up wii and ps3 in a windows thread because they both have browsers that are restrictive and do not offer choice. If the 360 had a browser it would be part of that console list as well.

raztad3421d ago

Well, its not like the browser is the reason you got a PS3, or in any case, an essential part of your gaming/entertainment experience. Not to mention that PS3 is not monopolizing the browser market in any way.

Godmars2903421d ago

I'm sure that if the PS3 became a better known option for web surfing someone's going to come around and make them, something Sony would love, but its just not happened yet.

Also doesn't help when companies like Hulu block the PS3.

Boty3421d ago

Its refreshing really. Opera and Firefox are the best.

commodore643421d ago

The farcical thing about all this is that you already had a choice before.

The only difference now is that the EU has forced MS to give free advertising and distribution to its browser competitors, under the guise of 'fairness'.

what a crock.

the free market has died in europe.

Boty3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Its good for the consumer. Tons of people don't know about other great browsers that are out there and are stuck using IE7 which, you know as well as I do, really sucks.

Its called broadening your horizons and trying something new for a change. And for people who still love IE they have the choice to use it still. Its not like They have to go with Firefox or Opera. IE7 is a choice as well. So if you ask me, I think its nothing but fair.

commodore643421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@ ^^^

that logic doesn't work.

No one is or ever has been 'stuck' with IE.
If people are too ignorant to educate themselves about things then that surely cannot be made out to be MS fault.

Perfect example:
Tell me what brand oil filter you have in your car?
Chances are you are not aware. nor do you even care.

Does this mean the producer of said oil filter thus has an obligation to inform you of the other choices in the market?
Surely that is ludicrous?

But unfortunatley, that's exactly what MS is being forced to do.

I understand if you dont' grasp that metaphor.
I have tried to make it simple, but your line of reasoning indicates you have a fundamental problem understanding the issues at hand.
Hopefully i haven't confused you even more.

Boty3421d ago

OK I get your Metaphor BUT, What if your Car Dealer gave you the choice of Gas Filters. Instead of using the (Probably cheap) knock off that comes with the car, you could use a better quality one for your new car. I thank its all about the consumer choice and its good for everyone. And if Microsoft is so worried about people not using there Browser then they should improve there browser so people will use it. Maybe Microsoft should even charge money for people to use there browser so people think its the better browser. That usually works for them.
But if you think of it this way; the consumer should have at least, for paying that ridiculous price tag for a windows OS, a choice of browsers. I mean come on.

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