PS3 Installed Base Doubles

Sony claims to have nearly doubled the installed base for the PlayStation 3 as of June 30, following the company's quarterly financial results.

Cumulative sales of the platform have hit 22.7 million units since its launch in 2006. The company also announced lifetime PlayStation Portable sales of 51.6 million units and a total PlayStation Network membership of 24 million accounts.

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THE BIAS3395d ago

Despite all these facts sony puts out, and the fact that over 3 months 360 has only sold 0.1 million more then considerably pricier ps3, the media will still stick their fingers in their ears and go "la la la la la!! No, sony's doomed, la la la la!!!"

darkequitus3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I have read this article to make sure I am not missing something.PS3 install base double from what reference point? how can you make a when you only mention release date? What double from 2007-2008 compare to 2008-2009. Give us a clue!

"While overall software sales for the PS3 improved, hardware sales dropped, potentially due to the impact of the appreciation of the yen against the euro and dollar."

"the first quarter of 2009 saw PS3 sales of 1.1 million units, compared to 1.6 million units year-on-year"

What it is with all the flop-flopping. Is this a site for politicians?
I thought the 360 actually cost more? That what was Sony said with their value for money stance - when you add harddrive, wifi, Live etc. Which one is it?

Yes only an average of around 33K more 360s a month more sold. But that still means a increase in the install base of the 360 vs the PS3

Edit: All I am saying if you make a statement, give a reference point.

darkequitus: psn/xbl

ReBurn3395d ago

Saying that the install base has doubled is just marketing blather. Every platform's install base doubled from some point in the past over the weekend.

0.1 million is yet more marketing blather that really means 100,000 units. The bottom line is that the PS3 is still selling less than its competitors. Seems to me that you're the one with your fingers in your ears refusing to accept the world for what it is.

At its current price the PS3 is doing well, but declining year over year sales show that the market at the current price is dwindling and people aren't willing to shell out in this economy. It's time to end the marketing spin and reignite the market with a more attractive price point.

mint royale3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

That is exactly what I was thinking. Doubled from when? That is just a trashy unquantifiable statement.

I don't understand why there is so much analysis on shipment results?

All we know is that by June 30th:

Nintendo had shipped 52.6 million wii's to retailers.
Microsoft had shipped 31.4 million 360's to retailers.
Sony had shipped 23.8 million ps3's to retailers.

All doing fine. End of.

La Chance3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Sony isnt doomed man but you guys have a weird way of seeing things.

MSFT came in with a 25 million install base and a console that flopped.

Sony came in with a 120 million install base and a decade of total dominance, to the point where the PS alone was THE symbol of gaming.

Having a 120 million install base, having sold 220 million consoles in 2 gens and being the symbol of gaming all over the planet is worth a lot more than a 1 year head start for a console brand that flopped last gen.

And you're happy that the PS3 is keeping up with the 360 ?? That means MSFT have really succeeded is making a name for themselves if the mighty PlayStation is happy being at the same pace as the XboX...the "Xbox"...geez man the Xbox was NOTHING in the gaming world just a couple of years ago while the PlayStation was EVERYTHING.

Man even Sony wasn't expecting to be in this situation, they were supposed to be way ahead by now.

The fact that the 360 is still 8 million ahead after almost 3 years after the launch of the PS3 is NOT GOOD...and NOPE Sony isnt doomed.

darkequitus3395d ago

This is not the Saturn, Jaguar, 3DO or Dreamcast era here. I have all the current consoles, except the we I gave to my nieces. I go to sleep at night knowing none of them will be cancelled when I wake up. Now that my PS has arrived, I think I will buy Infamous :-)

-Mezzo-3395d ago

LOl i totally agree with you, but i hate when simple facts are ignored by Xbox owners.

mint royale3395d ago

you have a point but expectations have had to change. Sony expected to eventually be in the wii's position but that was just not possible. They have a more grounded view now which is good as they will take extra care to focus on the consumer's wants. As for sales, the most they can hope for is to margianlly 'beat' the 360 to second place. However as long as you enjoy the games, who cares? To this day I've loved my Gamecube more than any other console.

ultimolu3395d ago

Quick! Someone fetch those anti-Sony articles!

Do it now before the PS3 reaches 25 million!

Oh yeah...the media is ready and waiting with those doom and gloom articles.

chrisnick3395d ago

you probably didn't see the article from a few days ago, but of the 3 companies, sony is the only one that counts units sold to customers, not shipped. the number is right, but if u wanna say shipped, i suggest you add 1-2 million to that.....its reality

mint royale3395d ago

oh god not this again. NO company tracks sales to consumers as it is impossible. If you are referring to a bloody Kotaku blog then that is a bit silly as they know about as much as the next fanboy.

Sorry but they just don't. Sony changed the way they reported figures a few years ago. They used to track sales to their own warehouses and report those numbers. (To them that is shipped). They changed this to track sales to retailers (to them sold, to us shipped.) When they did this they announced they were now tracking sold consoles. To them they were as it is the retailers that pay them the money but this is where the misunderstanding originated as many people interpreted this as sony tracking our version of 'sold' -to consumers.

To put simply they don't. How can any company track accurate real time sales in the hundreds of thousands of stores around the world?

Also, if Sony have more accurate numbers how come they never argue with NPD numbers, media create etc? They don't because tracking services such as NPD have better estimations of items sold to people. Surely if Sony had better info and NPD had underestimated sales for a month they would point this out. But they don't and their press releases follow the exact information given.

Sorry but thats the way it is. For all 3 companies in gaming and for all companies in business.

wii ftw3395d ago

but there will be many people spouting the same misinformation without knowing all that much about how companies track sales. Oh well.

La Chance3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

oops wrong post

Rainstorm813395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

the difference between now and the ps1 and ps2 era is the "Playstation Hate" factor. This thread is about PS3 growth just look at the responses......PS Hate........or look at the unlimited numbers of PS doomed articles........All of this leads to gamers that dont surf the net for every bit of gaming news thinking the ps3 doesnt have games or doesnt play DVDs or online gameplay is unstable.

Not to mention Microsoft is probably THE most known AMERICAN software company. which is why almost half of 360 total sales is in america.

IMO PS1 and PS2 was great to me because of the games. The same reason PS3 is great. Thats why every PS3 exclusive gets hyped up because it is expected for PS3 exclusives to set the bar. Haze and Lair didnt live up to it so we hear about them all the time from fanboys.

People say it all the time "IF KZ2 or inFAMOUS was on 360 they wouldve sold more" But I thought they were mediocre games???

Or is it that they are mediocre because they are on PS3??? PS3 hate.

Yet BullSh!+ like Ninja Blade, Too Human, Gears 2's glitches,
Infernal: Hell's Vengeance, & Velvet Assassin goes unmentioned when these exclusive games/problems are far worse than mediocre.

(piano plays) "Mad World" - Gary Jules - Gears of War trailer

chrisnick3395d ago

so retailers themselves can't tell how many they've sold to consumers and report back to sony? cuz if they can, then its very possible and very simple math. but i'm just a silly fanboy right? get off your horse and pay attention, whether they do it or not is one thing,fine, but to say its impossible, it's not, improbable maybe, but not impossible.

mint royale3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

okay it is highly improbable and yes almost impossible to get accurate real time figures. Why would any company such as Sony go roun asking hundreds of thousands of retailers around the world how many have you sold this morning? Its crap. They have no reason to do this.

The shops themselves make the orders and the amount Sony are selling to them is what they (and all companies) track because it is simple, easy and by far the most accurate. It is left to NPD, GFK, Media Create, VGchatz etc to estimate the amount the stores are selling. You say i'm on my high horse fine, but i'm only there because I know this is how it works. No offence.

EDIT: @ Montrealian - thank you! I shall stop posting on this subject now as its pointless and boring and ther are too may people that just stick their head in the sand and not listen.

@omega - how does that show sony tracks to consumers and how does this refute my NPD argument. Or even my practicality argument where Sony would have to compile all this needless data so on their financial reports they can show worse numbers than they would otherwise show if they showed their sold to retailers info. You make no sense. I'm not even bothering with this anymore, I should have realised this is N4G! People with common sense should be able to figure out without me going on.

Montrealien3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

This article is dumb, no matter how anyone spins it, all our current gen consoles are doing great, that is all that matters, and people have to start looking for the so called (media) hate.

As for the shipped vs sales crap. When will people understand that a shipped console is a sold console in the makers eyes, no matter what. So if you are getting console sales numbers from one of the console makers, it is the same thing as shipped.

Omegasyde3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Mint please stop, you know nothing.

Barcodes do so much more than telling a simple register that the UPC #'s equate to "X" ammount.

Barcodes are also used for inventory control and in some cases are used for pintpoint/physicaltracking (RFID)

Any company can ask for how much of a item is sold, as long as the retailer agrees to providing the information. Also Sony has job positions that do this.

Montrealien3395d ago

Omegasyde said..

(Any company can ask for how much of a item is sold, as long as the retailer agrees to providing the information. Also Sony has job positions that do this)

umm, no.

I wont bother looking up where sony explains how they track their sales and consider shipped console to retailers as sales. But since you seme to be so confident, would you care to find me where sony says that they have some guy in the basement calling retailers and asking them how many PS3`s they sold?

Omegasyde3395d ago

3rd parties do it, its called NPD. Sony also has a marketing dept and Sales positions.

It would really be foolish to assume that no such positions even exist to track "goals", especially when they stayed they would sell 13 mil.

Getting information from store is easy.

Montrealien3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

It is called NPD, and that has nothing to do with sony. Whatever man, you clearly believe your own thing, and I respect that. However sony, nintendo or MS have never tracked sales to customers for financial reasons, they track what they sell to retailers, this is not a theory, or a gut feeling, it is a fact.

btw, I am very close to the sales and purchases people for Microplay here in Canada, we get no such calls, what you are refering to are market researches and have nothing to do with what sony reports to their investors.

wii ftw3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Maybe its time for you to stop, please.

'3rd parties do it, its called NPD. Sony also has a marketing dept and Sales positions.' - Exactly! And if NPD dedicates all their resources to doing this why the hell would Sony? If Sony did it why have they NEVER refuted NPD's numbers, if they have their own more accurate numbers? Your ignorance really is showing here. Sony announced for the year they would ship 13 million. That has nothing to do with being able to track to customers. This number is what they plan to sell to retailers. If they fall short they cut the price or channel stuff (give the retailers extra stock that they don't require at that time -MS did this a few years ago when they were falling behind their own estimations of what they would sell in a year.)

Your ignorance is really laughable to anyone in the know. Bless you that you believe this but sony and ALL companies in the gaming business or not report sales to retailers. Not opinion but fact.

cmrbe3395d ago

PS1 and PS2 didn't not sell over 100 million each within 3 years on the market. When will you people ever get this?. Both console didn't even have a 399 - 600 price point as well like the PS3.

Sony will not dominate the market like they did in previous gens. Thats a given but when all is said and done. The PS3 will sell at least 100 million in its lifetime. Lets see if the wii and x360 can match that. I doubt they will. Well perhaps the wii. Between the 3 consoles, the PS3 has a bigger chance of lasting longer. Lets not forget that the PS3 is still 100 more than the PS2 launch price. What this means is that Sony still has alot of room to manuver with regards to priceing unlike the other two.

Omegasyde3395d ago

"And if NPD dedicates all their resources to doing this why the hell would Sony?"

You only think sony reports from sales from 3rd parties like NPD and Media create?
What about tracking sales in the middle east or in Mayalasia? They have thier own firms tracking worldwide and there are going to be discrepancies. There have been times in the Past where Sony sales estimates were different than NPD data reported.

And I'm not suggesting Sales are tallied up by "each" gamestop/gamecrazy/EB games etc.. .STORE. As a company in whole it will report its numbers to Sony. Walmart lets vendors know how much of each item of a product line sold in certain regions.

How could you assume that Sony CAN NOT track PS3 sales sold? As above stated; Item is scanned Via barcode, which is linked to a electronic database. Sony analyst are paid to find these numbers for tracking goal progression, much like Kellogs finds an estimated number of cerial boxes that are sold, know how many products were damaged, and know how many were shipped defective (return of merchandise).

And by the above logic why would Sony release reports on PS3 sales? or show growth in other parts of the world? Who comes up with this data?

Internal Sales analyst do. Sony has sales analyst for almost each product line, which track internal sales and bring up estimates on what to obtain.

It would be foolish to think a company can not track big ticket items sold and must solely rely on end of the month reports.These marketing firm can also make mistakes like not tracking new bundles and/or which can produce numerical errors and can be report different numbers from similar marketing firms.

Why on Earth would a company put all of its eggs in one basket and none in its own?

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The Obvious3395d ago

Doubling results in an increase in quantity.

Doctor_Doom3395d ago

Quality >>>>>> Quantity ;)

Nelson M3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Well when The PS3 Slim Hits with a Reduced Price you can Double that Figure Come Next Year
And we all Know How Them Hick BoTs Like Sale's
So BoTs How you Gonna Spin That Next Year when you got No Games,No Sales,and No Hope to Brag About.
Well Really you aint got No Game's and No Hope So Suck It !!
And Go Suck on your Sale's Too
Thy Silly Little Sucka BoTs

Alcon Caper3395d ago

what happened to your bubbles

blackbeld3395d ago

PS3 will sell over 30million this xmass for sure!!

Omega43395d ago

I thought it was at 23.8ml or something like that.

I wonder if sony will ever be able to surpass its predecessor's installbase like what both MS and Nintendo have done. Until that day comes I can still see those "PS3 is doomed" articles appearing.

darkequitus3395d ago

Like that pathetic doomed article, I wish articles like this one would at least would qualify statements. Anyway, after 3 months waiting my UK PS3 has finally arrived with my other gear from the UK. As the PS3 is lock I will have to buy a cheap US blu-ray player to supplement my 30+ from the UK

bootsielon3395d ago

Who the hell trusts 'Edge' anyway? The best game last month (according to them) was "Rolando 2", a rip-off of Loco-roco.

techie3395d ago

It is 23.8 - they forgot to add the 1.1 from the last quarter (other sites didn't forget)

The PS3 has to sell over 140 million to be "not doomed". HA!

Chubear3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Just because you did better than your predecessor doesn't mean you did something great. Think about it.

Nintendo has been declining rapidly in sales since the SNES. NES:roughly 65mill; SNES:roughly 45mill; N64:roughly 32mill; GC:roughly 22mill. It was only this gen that Nintendo managed to tap into a base outside the traditional gamer and that has become their core base they cater to and thus, for the 1st time, they have a console outselling it's predecessor. So far the Wii has gone past even SNES numbers and will likely be a big event when it goes past NES numbers too.

MS's 360 has only surpassed it's predecessor by roughly 5mill. This means that in it's 4th year it's only JUST gotten back it's former base and some new people. It hasn't even tapped into the PS2 base at all despite it being only $100 more than a PS2. So sure it's surpassed it's predecessor but surpassing a well documented failure by a relatively small margin in the closing of the gen cycle isn't something to praise IMO.

Both shooting for very low expectations unlike the PS console that sell above the 100mill mark routinely.

silvacrest3395d ago

the original xbox sold 24 mil and the gamecube sold 21 mil so to be honest, it wasn't that hard to surpass there predecessor's while the ps2 sold much much more and has been on the market much much longer

to even say "I wonder if sony will ever be able to surpass its predecessor's installbase like what both MS and Nintendo have done" is just laughable considering the ps3 has to sell almost triple what the xbox and gamecube sold combined

give the ps3 9 years and who noes....

TotalPS3Fanboy3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )


"I wonder if sony will ever be able to surpass its predecessor's installbase like what both MS and Nintendo have done."

Yes. The PS3 will be able to surpass its predecessor's install base very easily. In fact, the PS3 is already selling at a faster rate than the PS2 at the same point in their lifetime.

mint royale3395d ago

actually at the same point in its lifetime according to Sony they had shipped around 36 million ps2's, 13 million ahead of the ps3. The ps2 was a monster though, only beaten by the wii and the DS.

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keysy4203395d ago

sony will kick a44 this next year just watch.this seems like the year they should have dropped because we didnt really miss anything that if it dropped right now we wouldnt get.
people are saying 360 is dead in the water which seem like a fitting methapor