Leading Ladies ...or how the games industry could benefit from a woman's touch

Gameplayer has interviewed a range of female game developers to get their perspective on what is a male dominated industry. The opening paragraph is below...

Check out the credits of your favourite Xbox 360 title. Notice anything missing? There's plenty of Adams but nary an Eve in sight. You'd be forgiven for thinking that half of the world's population had been decimated by some gender-specific calamity, leaving behind a team of talented but lonely men to tinker away on the next generation of interactive entertainment. Fortunately for the gaming industry (and the ongoing survival of our species) women are far from finished. In fact, in videogame terms, they're just getting started.

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Silver Bull3t4249d ago

“I reckon the best way to get more women into the industry is to start at school, perhaps by setting up 'girls only' computer clubs. This should take the form of playing games of all genres… without the pressure from the boys to be an expert. There should also be sessions to allow girls to create mini games of their choice, whether it be on the art side or the programming.”

Yeah, that's fair, how long would a "boys only" computer club last? wtf? That's like guys designing Tampax...

"Let's segregate ourselves from mainstream gaming then cry when they don't accept us". Go watch f-ing Lifetime or shut up and code a game.

meh, why make such a big deal about a persons gender in the first place? If you can make a good game or do kick-ass art or sound so be it! STOP WHINING!!!!!

Karebear4248d ago

Working in the IT industry, the hardest part for me isn't the work, its dealing with individuals who have very little in the way of communication and people skills. There is the classic problem of having the boys club treat you seriously, on top of the fact that the boys club in IT tends to be introverted and slightly intimidated by women. I'm a pretty extreme extrovert and like to discuss things with a team as we hash out ideas. What I tend to find are people who really just want to hear final solutions with no real discussion involved. That's enough to drive off a lot of people right there, but I think it skews a bit more towards women than men.
Disclaimer to anyone reading this I work with, no of course you guys are just fine, I meant the other job... from before... you know the one with that team full of geeks? :)

Balance4248d ago

i tend to agree with you but there is a reason is not intimidation. it is annoance. women in the it department bring drama that slows things down and their priorities are not the same. bad things happen in IT all the time and require some long hours and being pregnant or having a migrane etc.. does not factor in well with that type of envirnoment. also the majority (i am not aiming any of this directly at you i am saying in general) have this horrible nerve to over communicate. having to sit down and discuss, have a project plan, making sure everybody is feeling good about themselves for something that takes 1hr to do slows everything down. alot of IT work is doing things alone or in very small groups and nagging mother types make progress more difficult that it already is. on top of that there are times that things need to move forward and making sure everyone feels good about themselves or are happy is a waste of time and energy, if bob gets his feelings hurt because you can easily prove his idea isn't as good as another isn't a big deal, you will got have a beer with bob a week later and everything will be cool. throw jane into that situation and she will go talk to her boss and cry (there is no crying in IT, cursing yes crying no) and basically make life hell for everybody. it is just eaiser and less pain to avoid women.

now in relation to article please god no. the last thing i want in my gears of war game is having everybody sit down and discuss their feelings and deciding to be friends at the end of the game. most gamers are men and men know what men like so why shouldn't they predomitaly be made by men?

techie4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )


Umm where to start. Women are a nusance because they have a migrane? It's male workers who will generally take time off work because they feel "ill" or because a new game has come out and they want to take time off work to play it.

Over communication in the work place down to women workers? I think you are misconstruing movements by particular companies and tying it to women rather than to the company itself choosing to increase communication in order to improve their work envirnment. If this is not approved of by yourself, then that is ok, but it is not women who are to blame for such an inisiative.

"throw jane into that situation and she will go talk to her boss and cry" - one reaction by one worker does not mean a whole group of people will do the same. "Going out for a beer" to solve problems is also only one part of a male community...there are many IT workers who feel intimidated by going out for a beer...and also there are many women who like to go out for a beer as well.

"it is just eaiser and less pain to avoid women." - what a f*cked up statement.

"the last thing i want in my gears of war game is having everybody sit down and discuss their feelings and deciding to be friends at the end of the game." - there are many women in the industry and many work on these type of games from God of War, to Assassins Creed.

Only men play games? Get out of here.

"i tend to agree with you" - you didn't agree with anything you said - instead you openly insulted her. Maybe you should go and do some actual research rather than sitting in front of the computer and painting the whole working community with your sexist ideas.

SlappingOysters4248d ago

I cannot believe a few of the comments I have read above, clearly made by males who have not had successful relationships with women (be that friend, colleague or lover) and therefore garnered no understanding of the multi-layered female mind. How else can you make such phenomenal generalizations and then give them such uncomplicated reasoning!

Anyway, I thought I would point out - because I am sure it is confusing - that the writer, Erin Marcoon is a male journalist for