Gamasutra Interview: Weisman, Smith & Tinker Reveal Nanovor

Jordan Weisman, founder of FASA and WizKids, has revealed the primary project of his new company, Smith & Tinker -- it's an online, free-to-play monster battling game called Nanovor.

Following an earlier interview with Weisman, the Battletech and Shadowrun co-creator, the executive and other Smith & Tinker execs discussed the product and overarching project in depth with Gamasutra.

The meeting, which took place at Gamasutra's offices, also included Smith & Tinker president Joe Lawndus and Charles S. Merrin, its senior vice president of marketing. Lawndus' background takes in Cranium and Hasbro -- he's the toy guy -- while Merrin has worked in the online gaming and web space for some years, including RealArcade -- he's the online guy.

Add in the game guy, Weisman, and you get the recipe for the company's new major product, Nanovor. (The company is also partnering with Piranha Games for an Unreal Engine-powered reboot of the MechWarrior franchise for PC and Xbox 360.)

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