Slim Disappears From Amazon

TheSixthAxis: "We mentioned that Amazon had put up a holding page for the fabled PS3 Slim on Saturday, along with all manner of me-too resellers and fake concept images, but now that page has been removed and replaced with the usual (albeit German) 404 page. "Sie suchen nach etwas Bestimmtem?" asks the site."

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techie3397d ago

Anyone can add a listing to Amazon.

Mikelarry3397d ago

hope sony are considering a slim. my bulky 40gb ps3 just YLOD and im not looking to get a new ps3 anytime soon (145 for a refurb and only 3 months warranty....... CRAZY TALK). i dont trust any of the current systems on sale now,not suggesting all ps3's are prone to YLOD.

Nitrowolf23397d ago

i feel the same way. as soon as sony reveals the slim and its price im going to buy that, then i will get my old one fixed.