Which 3D TV is best for gaming?

What do you need to play Blitz's new "Invincible Tiger" in 3D?...

The age of 'proper' 3D gaming is finally upon us this month, with the much-heralded release of Blitz Games' first game to work with 3D TV technology, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao.

Added to this the recent news that Sky is set to launch its own 3D TV service at some (as yet unannounced) point in 2010 and it is clear why we are already receiving a slew of emails asking us the same question – "what TV do I need to play 3D games?"

Right now, the choice is pretty limited for British consumers. In fact , the only proper stereoscopic 3D TVs available on the High St in the UK are Samsung Plasma TVs series 4, which come in either 50" or 63" sizes.

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Kill Crow3397d ago

my console does 4D graphics but there's no 4D Tv's .... Mwaaaaaaahhaahah