Crytek to Demo CryEngine3 at Dubai World Game Expo 2009

Crytek GmbH, developer of the award winning 3D-Game Technology CryEngine, has recently announced its participation to sponsor the Dubai World Game Expo 2009. Taking place at the Dubai International and Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 27th and 29th October, the 2nd annual expo for digital games will focus on boosting the region as a new market for game developers and publishers, initiate different paradigms to improve current game developments and the increase on game localization.

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cyguration3393d ago

I guess CryEngine 3 still has some surprises left.

kevco333393d ago

Maybe they'll be bringing out Crysis 2? Maybe even on consoles? It does seem like Dubai is kinda becoming a decent location for gaming revelations...

-Mezzo-3393d ago

It is a great place for gamers as well. i have been there and gaming console is like a household item there.

Hideous Kojima3393d ago

Can't wait to see how it looks on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

gambare3393d ago

looks like a great engine, and the character modeling is sweet

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M337ING3393d ago

I'm hoping they show Crysis 2 earlier than this, I thought the perfect place to do so would be in a few weeks at Gamescon in Cologne, right in their backyard...

rawrockkillz3393d ago

Have they shown the PC version of CryEngine 3 at all?

Saaking3392d ago

Killzone 2 still looks better and it's not event the best looking PS3 exclusive with Uncharted 2 and GOW III coming soon.

DeathMetal3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

crysis absolutely destroys Killzone, and anyone with eyes knows this, you obviously have never played it to say that, both those games are linear, with no destructibility in the enviornments, LOL at the fanboy. the PS3 harware is weak comp[ared to a Pc, hell mine is 2 years old and i can still max every game

Saaking3392d ago

It looks a lot better than the Unreal Engine 3.

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